Top Gun 2 New Trailer: Maverick 2024 Film Trailer, Tom Cruise is as Reckless as Ever

Tom Cruise is back as Captain Peter in the 2nd trailer of Top Gun: Maverick 2024. For most fans, it was the movie that defined a long time demonstrating Tom Cruise as Hollywood’s brightest  and biggest star.

However, while over 30-years have passed because the celebrity launched himself to public awareness as hotheaded newcomer pilot LT Pete”Maverick” Mitchell in Top Gun, he’s not as reckless because of its eagerly anticipated sequel.

The brand-new trailer for Top Gun: Maverick sees the personality, now summoned back into Naval Fighter Weapons School by superiors eager to exploit his expertise.

While his unpredictability is undisputed naval coach Mitchell genius in the atmosphere is recognized within an opening monologue, delivered to a group of ambitious trainees.

‘Your teacher is one’ they are informed. ‘His exploits are legendary. What he must educate you might be the difference between death and life.’

Despite his debut along with the weight of anticipation that surrounds his birth, Mitchell can not hide his astonishment one of them three-star Vice Admiral Jon Hamm.

‘I must confess I was not expecting an invitation ‘ he informs them indicating from the years since we last saw him flying into the sunset with Kelly McGillis.

The pilot wastes no time in demonstrating his series by throwing caution to the wind through an exercise with his teammates while due to his obvious opportunity.

NEW Top Gun 2 EXTENDED Trailer: 4:16 Minutes

TOP GUN 2: Maverick Trailer 2 (2020)

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