Hyderabad: Cracks found on walls of Moosapet Metro Station

Hyderabad(Hyd): Cracks were identified on the walls & staircase of Moosapet Metro Station. Although, Hyderabad(Hyd) Metro Rail Limited (HMRL) sources said that they have been rectified immediately.

Residents after noticing the cracks on the external side of the concourse level of the station, nearby Moosapet flyover reported the authorities of HMRL, who in turn immediately sent the engineers to the location & got (1) it rectified. Claiming that the cracks have been only a few days old, sources from Landamp;T Metro Rail Hyderabad(Hyd) (Landamp;TMRH) stated that the cracks aren’t a main infrastructural defect & are limited to the surface. They filled the cracks with putty.

As per the passersby, the cracks have been visibly deep & spread to a wider region over the wall. Cracks have been also sighted on the staircase that leads into the station, towards the vegetable market, located underneath. They can pose a risk to motorists passing by on the road below.

Previously in Feb, a massive chunk of Ameerpet metro station’s Concourse level chipped off & fallen on a 25-year-old Mounika, killing her on the location. Following the incident, rumors have been rife on social media(SM) platforms regarding different metro stations in Hyderabad(Hyd) city, developing cracks & posing risk to consumers. Although, Metro Rail officials rubbished the rumors calling them as fraud.