California Kaiser Mental Health Staff Announces Strike; Issues ‘Keep Getting Worse’

Over 4,000 Kaiser Permanente health workers declared a strike throughout the state on Monday in Kaiser facilities.

Psychiatric nurses, social workers, psychologists, addiction experts and many others state that Kaiser health practices are understaffed, forcing a while to operate to serve individuals. Meanwhile, patients must wait for followup appointments due to insufficient staffing.

“We are striking because the issues that plague Kaiser’s mental health system keep getting worse,” stated Kenneth Rogers, a Kaiser psychologist, at an announcement.

“We do not have sufficient time to give appropriate patient care including the preparation and follow up work that goes into each appointment. And we’re being made to survive even longer wait time for appointments, even while Kaiser stays on countless dollars refusing to repair the issue,” Rogers added.

Standing beyond the San Leandro child rehabilitation clinic psychologist Michael Torres explained that he had joined the picket line to enhance services for teens struggling with stress, depression or trauma that was severe.

In an internet movie, Torres said, “I am considering a teen in my clinic, who had been gang-raped. And that individual had to wait for three to four weeks between sessions to watch for this particular injury.”

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