Thousands in North Carolina incorrectly told they have COVID

 — A county in NC incorrectly informed nearly 7,000 locals they’d tested positive(+ve) for the COVID-19 due what authorities say has been a technical fault.

The messages have been sent by text messages to over 6,700 locals in Mecklenburg County on Fri., The Charlotte Observer recorded. Over 500 citizens also got a county email with the circular.

The county informed locals that in the morning the messages have been a “scam,” & that their own health dept. doesn’t inform citizens of their own COVID-19 test results using text sms.

Some hours thereafter, the county stated on Twitter the messages had really gone out because of a fault “within the software system that was discussed by this software provider.”

County Manager Dena Diorio informed county commissioners in an email Mon. that the messages have been sent using HealthSpace Statistics System, a firm based in Canada, the news paper recorded. The county was utilizing the firm’s software from May to support with contact tracing measures amidst the epidemic.

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