Reynhard Sinaga: Britain’s Most Prolific Rapist Jailed for Life for 136 Rapes

Reynhard Sinaga convicted of 159 sex offences, containing 136 rapes, will “never be safe to be released”, a judge has stated.

Reynhard Sinaga was found guilty of tempting 48 men from in front of Manchester clubs to his room, where he found drugged & assaulted them.

Police said, “they have proof Sinaga, 36, who is being called for the 1st time, focused 190 victims.

The CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) stated Sinaga was “the most wanted rapist in British history”.

The judge ordered his life sentence should have a minimum of 30 years in prison.

Reporting restrictions were lifted in a hearing at Manchester Crown Court on Monday, meaning Sinaga might be recognized for the first time.

The pupil served life, using duration for the offenses that he was convicted of two earlier trials, that happened in spring and summertime 2018.

The Indonesian national was found guilty of eight counts of attempted rape 136 counts of rape, 14 counts of sexual assault, and one count of assault by penetration.

Detectives say they are appealing for anyone who thinks they Might Have Been mistreated by Sinaga to come and have been not able to identify 70 sufferers.

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