Coronavirus Updates Symptoms: 142 Deaths, Toll Rises to 69,264 Confirmed Cases

Since symptoms take quite some time to show up, doctors are also concerned that people with mild (or asymptomatic) symptoms may not be taking medical care, and thus, all the Coronavirus cases are not being reported.

  • All Countries must be ready to Manage coronavirus Instances and Ready to prevent Additional transmission, says WHO.
  • The death toll from coronavirus Outbreak has Risen to 1,665 Later 142 more people died, mostly at the worst-hit Hubei, and Also the Supported cases jumped to Nearly 70,000.

The death toll from China’s coronavirus outbreak has risen to 1,665 later 142 more people died, mostly from the worst-hit Hubei Province, and also the supported cases jumped to nearly 70,000, officials said on Sunday, as leading World Health Organization (WHO) experts struggle to help Beijing include the virus spread.

The National Health Commission of china verified disease cases.

The epicenter of the epidemic, Hubei province, reported new infections. It had instances, per day 12, falling from 2,420. The report introduced the total confirmed cases to 56,249 instances in Hubei.

Meanwhile, a US girl from a cruise liner increased worries of cases as greater than 2,200 passengers and crew after being trapped for almost two weeks looking for a 36, headed home.

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