Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 19th August 2024 Episode Written Update: Soham slaps Heer

The daily episode begins with Soham shoots in Heer however all this is his own imagination.  He afterwards moves towards Heer & slaps her.  This surprises everybody.  Heer requests why he slapped?  Soham states that in case her mom doesn’t need to dance afterwards why is she demanding.

Heer states that however slapping has been no way.  & she leaves from there.  Preeto informs Soham that what he did has been quite unfair, he can’t rise his own hand over a lady & specially in his own sister.  Harak & Rohan inquire him to apologize.  However Soham taunts them & leaves.  Shano is happy.

Heer is crying in her room.  Preeto informs her to calm down.  Harak & Ravi also come there & convenience her.  Harak states he’ll punish him.  Ravi states that she’ll inquire Soham.  Heer stops her.

There Soham states that the sister he loved so much is a eunuch.  Soham states he as of now hate Heer.  Soham furthermore grabs all this Rakhi that Heer tied & afterwards he burns them.  Heer states that he tied Rakhi to Soham & that he must have witnessed it before slapping her.

 Within the in the morning, Jharana states to Virat that she’s learnt something from that Net & today she’ll make it & afterwards they’ll date.  Parmeet states that let’s go to the temple.  Virat states he doesn’t like all this.  Jharana states that Parmeet is doing a lot for us, so we could accomplish this much.

Soham calls Shano & they think of a schedule to ruin Harak.  Shano is quite happy to hear this.  She put tika on Soham’s forehead & wishes him a new begin.  Soham states that he’ll unseat everybody.  Shano states this going to be the answer to each slap of Preeto.  Soham states no 1 would dare to slap her after today.  Shano is happy & blesses Soham.

In college, Jharana & Heer collide with every different.  Jharana informs Heer regarding her engagement.  Jharana states that Heer had broken her engagement & today she’s broken.

Heer congratulates her & bless her.  Jharana again bothers her.  This time Heer slaps her.  Jharana also slaps her in reaction.  & afterwards Heer angrily slaps her.  & grabs her hand.  Jharana informs her to leave.  Heer informs her not to mess with her.

& leaves from there.  Jharana furthermore complains to Virat regarding Heer.  Virat goes to the teacher to complain regarding Heer.

Heer informs Nutan regarding Virat’s engagement.  Nutan advises her to calm down.  Heer states she’s suffering.  In house, Preeto requests Shano where is she coming from?  Shano states something strange to her.

Harak informs her not to behave like this.  Preeto locates something strange. (Daily episode ends)

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