Shakti 26th August 2024 Episode Written Update: Heer Is Critical In Hospital

The Daily episode begins with Parmeet requesting Virat to sit. Virat states I’ll come in some time. He comes to the kitchen & states sorry to Gurwinder for his own misbehavior last night. Gurwinder states no issue. Virat states there is some of the issue surely & I’ll make it fine.

He requests her to sit & wears apron & cap. Gurwinder requests him to leave it. Virat makes tea for her & informs that it’s with additional ginger & elaichi. He states just as you like it. Gurwinder laughs & pulls his own nose. She states she wasn’t upset with him. He requests her to drink tea. Gurwinder drinks tea & states it’s great. Nutan comes there & shouts calling Virat.

Parmeet requests there is no marriage happening here, & this is not Kinnars’ house. Nutan requests where is your son? Sant Baksh requests why? Nutan states your son had finished Heer’s crash & ran far away. Daljeet states just how dare you to accuse us, we’ll gain FIR finished. Nutan states accomplish whatever you need, however bring him here. Daljeet requests in case this is your dad’s home, just leave from here. He pushes her down.

Nutan shouts Virat Singh…in case you’re having courage afterwards come out. Virat comes there & requests her to gain up. Nutan gets up & requests why did you accomplish Heer’s crash? Virat states I has been creating tea for my bhabhi. Nutan states afterwards who’ll accomplish & informs that someone hit her so badly that she’s crucial in hospital (3) & is undergoing operation. Virat requests her not to shout & search the criminal.

Nutan states in case it’s not finished by you, afterwards may be you got (1) it finished by someone else. She states in case Heer gets fine afterwards she’ll settle her scores with you & in case anything happens to her afterwards I’ll ruin your personal life. She states this is the word of a kinnar, gain afraid of our curse & pray for Heer’s safety.

Gurwinder is stunned. Virat comes out & requests Nutan to make Heer & her different kinnars know not to come in his own way.

Nutan requests him not to be so egoistic & informs that she’ll make him believe 1 day that kinnars are best than humans. She states this is a assure of a kinnar & leave. Jharna comes there & requests Virat why is he standing outdoor.

Virat informs her that Heer’s kinnar friend had come & stated that she met with an crash. Jharna requests in case Heer has been a kinnar in recent birth. Virat gets stunned. She states she has been joking.

Doctor informs Harak Singh that next 24 hours are crucial for her. Harak Singh gets stunned. Shanno smiles happily. Rohan comes to Harak Singh & requests him not to worry regarding Heer, as Nani is inside.

Harak Singh prays to God. Soham imagines Nani is a God to safeguard him, say clearly that she’s sitting inside to conceal Heer’s fact.

Jharna comes inside & greets them. Gurwinder reminds Virat of his own words & requests him to say truly that in case he did her crash. Virat states bhabhi. Parmeet requests what’s this nonsense, you’re accusing my son?

Gurwinder states nobody’s personal life is ordinary & states Heer had stated that you’ve lost the challenge. Virat states I didn’t accomplish anything. Jharna requests him to drink tea. Parmeet smiles & recalls hearing them. She recalls requesting Daljeet to take (2) captured cars from PS (police station) & rammed the car on Heer. She informs that we’ve to end their own meetings. Daljeet states ok. Facebook ends. Parmeet acts & requests Daljeet to enquire who’s finished the crash. She requests him to accomplish something & locate out.

Virat states no, we shan’t care who had hit her. Jharna states we could’t gain sad on someone’s demise. She takes Virat to take (2) to her friend on-line.

Simran also goes from there. Sant Baksh informs Daljeet that you’ve forgotten that half killing is extra dangerous than the killing. Parmeet looks stunned. Sant Baksh states he’s DSP & knows Parmeet well. Parmeet states it’s great that she shall pass away in hospital (3), else she shan’t approach house. Sant Baksh states that lady going to open her mouth once she’s out of hospital (3) & informs Daljeet that she shan’t open her mouth this time. Daljeet nods his own head.

Preeto prays to Heer standing within the OT’s different room. Sohan imagines Soumya has kept great sena, 1 side is the family (4) & different side is kinnar sena, states they’ve to break their own unity.

A person comes there & requests Saya & different kinnars to go to ward C as a baby is born there. Saya states we’ll go thereafter. The person states you’re having so much ego being a kinnar. Nutan states someone dear to us is fighting with personal life & demise. Saya informs that Harak Singh’s grand-daughter met with an crash & is severe. T

he person states Harak Singh…kinnar habituated to stay in your home & thereafter we had come to really know that her bahu us a kinnar, afterwards what’s he doing with kinnars. He requests in case there is someone in his own home who’s kinnar. Harak Singh gets angry & requests the person (Maqbool) to keep his own tongue in limits.

He states you’re standing within the hospital (3) & derogatory us. He comes to him to slap him, however Soham hits Maqbool badly & scolds him for speaking bad regarding his own family (4). Veeran & Rohan calm down Soham.

Maqbool runs far away. Rohan requests Harak Singh to calm down. Doctor comes out & informs that operation is finished, however 24 hours are crucial for her. Harak Singh gets worried & requests in case the operation is not successful.

Doctor states we could’t say till she regains consciousness. We’ll shift her to ICU. Harak Singh & Preeto come to the ICU to watch Heer.

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