Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 20th August 2024 Episode Written Update: Vansh Breaks Riddhima’s Fast

The Daily episode begins with Riddhima thinking Vansh is looking in me, I’ve to accomplish the puja. She sees Kabir. Yeh pyaar hai…plays… He sees the sindoor, mangalsutra & bangles worn by her. She cries. He states Riddhima…

Vansh sees the time. Kabir requests why did you call me, did you locate anything. She states there has been a lady Ragini, Vansh’s ex fiancee. Vansh states she taken 10 seconds to take (2) 1 round of the tree.

Kabir states its not a big thing. Riddhima states Ragini is special, her statue is held in backyard. Kabir states I recollect her name, she’s the 1 who went missing. Riddhima states I’ll come. Vansh states this time, 15 seconds.

Riddhima states Vansh murdered Ragini, his own mum affirmed it. Kabir requests are you sure, that’s nice, anything else, we’ve to prove that Vansh died Ragini. She requests just how. Vansh states 25 seconds…. no, something is behind this tree.

He goes. Kabir states Vansh has a special habit, he reports his own memories, he’d keep Ragini’s memories in his own home (or) secret room, you’ve to locate it, we want evidence that he died Ragini. Riddhima states its hard for me, I feel scared each time. He states I know, you encouraged me,

its a new begin for us. She nods. He states we want solid evidence, else we could’t keep Vansh in jail, you made numerous sacrifices, everything going to gain waste. She goes & sees Vansh.

Vansh requests what did you watch behind the tree. Kabir hears him. Vansh goes to watch. She imagines Vansh going to watch Kabir. Vansh doesn’t watch Kabir. Riddhima requests did you watch, did you gain anybody, I m not hiding anybody. She taunts him. She takes a round. Vansh looks on. She goes. He gets the rose. He looks about.

Kabir comes out of the dry leaves dumped there. Vansh comes to Riddhima. He states Teej fast & all, interesting, I heard wives stay hungry today & doesn’t even drink water. She states you heard it right, this plate is for bhog.

He states fast for spouse’s long personal life, trying quite tough, however I could’t believe it. She states you won’t believe when there is question in heart, anyway I don’t want your trust certificate, I don’t play with citizens’s emotions. She goes. Dadi requests Vansh what’s this way to talk to her, she’s kept fast for him & he’s doubting her ambition.

She states respect different’s feelings, she’s your spouse, not an enemy. Vansh takes water for Riddhima. He states trust doesn’t alter, I got (1) this water on Dadi’s informing, have it. She states I don’t want it. He requests her to have it.

She states this fast going to be a formality for you, you don’t have faith & respect for it, no want to accomplish anything. He holds her & states I respect Dadi’s words, I don’t care regarding fast rituals, I care for my Dadi, that’s why, you’ve to drink the water. He feeds her the water.

He states it doesn’t mean that you won my faith, none could win it, not even you, never. She states I don’t need to win your faith, just tell me, just how did Ragini win your trust, (or) you didn’t even trust her. He goes. She states I kept this fast from I couldn’t lie to Dadi.

my heart knows why I kept this fast, so that I go out & meet Kabir, why did Vansh break my fast, I really know my personal life & fate are linked to Kabir, not anybody else. She recalls Kabir’s words & cries. She states maybe Dadi’s blessing helps me.

Vansh states that poem is a evident cut sign of calling someone, Riddhima went there, why didn’t anybody come to meet, (or) maybe I couldn’t watch him. Angre comes & states order me, Riddhima going to say everything on her own. Vansh states she’s my spouse, so I m tolerating her.

I’ll forget all relations when my patience ends. Angre gets his own diary. Vansh states its best in case the secrets stay hidden, in case Riddhima knows this afterwards she’ll really know regarding Ragini, conceal this. Riddhima looks on. Angre goes. Riddhima imagines Vansh wants to conceal that memory book from me, I’ve to approach it shortly.

She sees Angre on call. She goes to take (2) the book. Angre turns & sees her.

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