Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th August 2024 Episode Written Update: Rudraksh and Preesha argues with each other

Daily episode starts with Ahana informs Rudraksh & Preesha that they’re invited for talk show as guests. Preesha hesitates to participate however Ahana states it’s quite popular not everybody gets this chance & she already provided everything so they’d to participate for sure. Rudraksh states Ahana wants him to tell in that show that he joined educational institution for Saaransh & states in case Preesha doesn’t need to accomplish afterwards that’s fine, he too won’t accomplish.

Ahana states Rudraksh did plenty of things till date for Saaransh so it’s evident Preesha could accomplish this for him. Preesha states even in case Rudraksh didn’t taken this big step for Saaransh she’d have participate the talk show for him, globe must really know the real Rudraksh so she’ll accomplish that show. Rudraksh stunned hearing her.

Ahana imagines till date Preesha utilized Rudraksh, their own status & all as of now she’ll utilize her to support Rudraksh so he could becomes extra strong star that Preesha become invisible for him. Preesha goes to participate the call. Ahana states they’ve to debate plenty of things & requests her to return shortly.

Blackmailer informs Preesha that he knows she’s going participate the talk show. Preesha shocks hearing him & requests what he wants. He states she’s to ensure that Rudraksh slaps her in that live show & states in case it doesn’t happens afterwards he’ll tell Saaransh that he’s illegitimate son & cuts the call.

Preesha gets worried thinking just how could she bash Rudraksh in live broadcast when she wanted his own image to gain best ahead of people & rules to not let anything happen to Saaransh & for that she’ll accomplish whatever she’s to.

Ahana calls her. Rudraksh requests what happened seeing her worried face. Preesha lies to him that call from hospital (3) he needn’t to worry. Ahana states Preesha looks lower middle class in traditional look & suggests her to try western look & has been regarding to call the designer.

Preesha rejects to wear designer’s dress. Ahana requests her to think regarding Rudraksh’s image too & leaves from there. Rudraksh apologize to her on behalf of Ahana. Preesha too leaves from there without informing anything.
Neerja informs Rahul that she got (1) worried regarding their own baby however Preesha managed it well. Yuvraj comes there to meet Rahul & requests why he lied to him. Rahul requests regarding what he lied.

Yuvraj states he knows that Preesha is his own spouse’s doctor. Rahul states from long time Preesha is doctor to his own spouse & that time he doesn’t even really know regarding Rudraksh’s existence. He states Preesha is great doctor, his own spouse too quite comfortable with her so why would he alter the doctor just because Yuvraj joined him. He reports him that Preesha & Rudraksh going to participate popular talk show.

Saaransh informs Preesha that he got (1) low marks in science, she urges him hearing that. Rudraksh states he already informed him just how she’ll react & requests him to leave the room informing he’s to talk something important with her.

Saaransh requests them to talk not fight & leaves from there. Rudraksh requests what she’s hiding from him & she seems worried too informing he begins to know her so she could tell him. She states she’s not worried & cuts Yuvraj’s call. He requests her to participate the call & also put the call in speaker. Yuvraj requests her why she’s going to participate talk show with Rudraksh.

Preesha states she’s not doing anything unfair so she won’t answer him & he could think whatever he wants to & cuts the call. Rudraksh taunts Preesha informing she looks sad because she didn’t gain opportunity to talk with Yuvraj correctly. He states Yuvraj is her ex lover so it’s evident both have emotions for every different.

Balraj praises Ahana for organizing the famous talk show for Rudraksh however he just worried that in this epidemic status numerous citizens going to come to their own home that’s little bit unsafe.

Yuvraj cases to Vasudha that Preesha participating talk show with Rudraksh. Gopal states there would be some of the reason behind her this call & states Yuvraj says he loves her afterwards he must trust her too.

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