Saudi University Fires High Ranking Indian Expat for Islamophobic Posts

It is found that the social media account has been deleted after the protests became severe.

It is for the 1st time a high-ranking Indian expat in Saudi Arabia was fired for his Islamophobic posts on social media.

A professor at Jazan University in the Kingdom come to rules with this kind of communal remarks in spite of recent incidents of dismissal in various Gulf countries.

As per reports, Saudi Arabia’s Jazan University(JU) declared on Twitter that the professor was fired allegedly belittling Muslims, but his name was not disclosed by the University.

Jazan University on its Twitter account, posted, “Based on what was monitored by the university about the publication of a contracted faculty member for offensive posts on social media and tweets, his registration has already been folded. #JazanUniversity claims that it resolutely addresses any perverted or extremist ideas that affect the constants or violate the directions of good leadership.”

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