Trump Appoints Muslim Scientist to Lead COVID-19 Vaccine Plan

WASHINGTON: The US President Donald Trump has selected a Moroccan-born Muslim American, Moncef Mohamed Slaoui as the chief/lead scientist to lead a COVID-19 vaccine plan called “Operation Warp Speed.”

Declaring the appointment at a White House news briefing on the last Friday afternoon, President Trump mentioned Slaoui as “one of the most respected men in the world in the production and, actually, on the formulation of vaccines.”

“Operation Warp Speed’s chief scientist would be Dr. Moncef Slaoui, a world-renowned immunologist who supported create 14 new vaccines – that’s a bunch of our new vaccines – in 10 years, during his time period in the private sector.”, he added further.

Dr. Moncef M Slaoui will take no salary

As per a report in Arab News, Dr. Moncef Slaoui will be helped by a team that includes Army General Gustave Perna, the commander of U.S. Army Materiel Command to improve a vaccine for the deathly coronavirus ASAP (as soon as possible).

The AP has reported that Dr. Slaoui will not take a salary for his work on Operation Warp Speed.

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