Telangana govt. suspends private lab testing for COVID-19

Hyderabad(Hyd): Blaming private labs for the sharp raise in the amount of positive instances in Telangana (TL), the state govt has temporarily discontinued private laboratories from undertaking COVID-19 tests.

Previously the ICMR (ICMR) had allowed 18 private laboratories & 10 government-run laboratories to carry out COVID-19-19 diagnostic tests in Hyderabad(Hyd).

Telangana (TL) govt accusing specific private labs of contaminating the samples & noting disparity in numbers, discontinued private labs to temporarily halt COVID-19-19 tests. They have been also charged of violating the checking procedures & lacking infra-structure.

The tandem set up by this govt to carry out inspection allegedly sensed main discrepancies in handling of COVID-19-19 tests.

Telangana (TL) on Fri. reported the highest-ever single day COVID-19-19 positive instances of 1,892 that taken the overall tally to 20,462 positives to date.