Meat Merchants: High-quality Mutton Can’t be Sold at Rs 700

Hyderabad: Mutton that is popularly preferred in Hyderabad especially throughout Ramadan, in the recent days there was a rise and fall in prices of mutton, because of that the Animal Husbandry wing of Greater Hyderabad(Hyd) Municipal Corporation (GHMC) have already made it mandatory to all the mutton shops from the city not to rise mutton prices capping the prices only to Rs. 600 to 700.

The Punjagutta, Hyd mutton shop one of the leading mutton shop in the city hasn’t agreed to the GHMC’s decision.

The Proprietor of Punjagutta, Hyd Mutton Shop Md. Younus stated “We are one of the oldest mutton merchants in Hyderabad, we request GHMC to reconsider the pricing for high-quality mutton, (known as Potla Sheep) is priced around Rs. 675 to Rs.700 per kg in wholesale market and extra charges like transportation, rent, bills, electricity, workers pay, maintenance, water, sanitation charges, increases the price of high quality mutton further.

Mr. Younus further said since the Jiyaguda Market(popular sheep market) is closed the sheep are being purchased from Kachiguda area, the cost of a sheep transporting, water weight loss, stamp charges are further adding up, because of this we are fetching great losses.

Mr. Younus also requested the GHMC to investigate the matter at the soonest and suggested the civic body to execute a better structure of pricing for mutton in the city.

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