Rare bird sighted for the first time in Telangana

Kaghaznagar: A Rufous bellied eagle has been spotted in Palarapu cliff on the outskirts of Nandigaon of Penchikalpet range under Kaghaznagar forest division on Sun. noon.

Forest dept. & environmentalists have been overjoyed with the sight of the rare bird. From the bird usually inhabits lush green habitat, it’s a appreciating sign that rare birds are migrating to the wild of Telangana (TL) area.

An aerial eagle with short bushy crest, longish wings & tail & feathered tarsi, Rufous-bellied eagle feeds on birds & mammals. It’s an aerial hunter. With spectacular stoops it captures prey on (or) near field (or) treetops.

The rare eagle has been spotted in the picturesque cliff about 12.30 prime minister that is the maiden report for Telangana (TL) area.