Saudi National Day performances to feature 11 international stars

Jeddah:  The 3 days Saudi Arabia Domestic Day celebration that started on Thu. to end on Sat.. On its 90th Domestic Day, The nation hosted its 1st concerts from the outburst of the COVID-19, with a show of performances featuring 11 stars from around the Arab globe.

Saudi Arabia Domestic Day is a people holiday from 2007, after renaming the nation from that “Kingdom of Nejd Hejaz” to the “Kingdom of Saudi” by King Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud, on Sep 23, 1932.

Emirati singer Ahlam who has been played throughout Saudi Arabia Domestic Day had tears

Emirati singer Ahlam, who had played within the Saudi Arabia Domestic Day celebrations, started to cry after sending a sms to her fans, who didn’t participate the concert amidst the epidemic.

Ahlam started to cry after sending a sms to her fans. She stated that for an artist-audience are crown of their own heads. She stated that even in case they’ve sweet voices & a sweet presence & sweet songs, however the audience is important Ahlam also prayed that the epidemic should end & she meets all her fans again.

Saudi Arabia Domestic Day events initiated on Sep 23 & would end on Sep 26

On the Saudi Arabia Domestic Day occasion, the kingdom hosts multiple concerts played by Arab globe stars over 5 days in the King Abdullah Sports City.

This yr. The Saudi Arabia Intthe concerts are going to feature Rashed Al Majed, Aseel Abu Bakr, Majid Al Mohandes, Abadi Al Johar, Dalia Mubarak & Rabih Saqer.

Amr Diab, Angham, Mohamed Hamaki & Tamer Ashour are also partaking within the celebrations.

The show of events taking place amidst the easing of COVID-19 preventative steps hosted Angham & Tamer Ashour on Sep 24 & going to host Hamaki on Sep 25 in Jeddah’s King Abdullah Sports City. Events going to conclude with Diab on Sep 26.