2 tribal youth come face to face with a tigress in Asifabad

Kumram Bheem Asifabad: With their own presence of mind & utilizing a simple trick, 2 tribal teenagers escaped from a possible attack by a tigress on Bejjur-Kammaragoan road on Sun.

On their own way back house from Bejjur in about 8.30 am, when Madavi Madhukar & Kumram Pochaiah from Gundepalli village spotted the tigress on the road they had become panicky & suddenly applied breaks.

As a consequence, they fallen down from their own bike & sustained minor wounds. Talking to media after the hair-raising incident, Madhukar informed that they managed to survive by playing passed. Smelling them from a gap of regarding a meter, the big cat shifted far away.

It afterwards heard the sound of different vehicles on the road & didn’t dare to come again.

Youths have been confessed to Bejjur primary health center by some of the residents, after they approached Gundepalli. Forest dept. has been also reported regarding youngsters’ rare encounter with the carnivorous.

The forest authorities went to the location & detected the tigress’ pug marks.

The movement of the tigress is being tracked. It’s not caused harm to any humans till now.