Corona fear: Woman dies in RTC bus; dead body thrown out

Vikarabad: In a heart-rending incident that occurred in Dharur Mandal of Vikarabad dist. in Telangana (TL), the body of a lady who passed away in RTC bus after struggling with throat pain has been dropped from bus on the amid of the road.

G Chinna Ashappa boarded the bus with his own 40-year-old spouse & 2 daughters. The lady had a tumor in her throat because of that she’d difficulty in breathing & swallowing meal.

In order gain medication in Hyderabad(Hyd), the lady boarded the bus from Tandur. Although, her pain aggravated on the way & after struggling with serious pain she passed away within the bus itself.

Fearing that the lady may have passed away from COVID-19, the co-passengers, driver & conductor inquired lady’s spouse to take (2) the body off the bus. G Chinna Ashappa informed them that she didn’t pass away of COVID-19 & she’d gone under COVID-19 test that recorded negative, however his own pleading for support fallen on deaf ears.

The person afterwards named his own son-in-law & sarpanch of Keshtapur & reported them regarding the incident. Finally, an auto driver accepted to shift the body to their own local village.

COVID test of the body has been finished that has been identified to be negative.

COVID fear has engulfed citizens so much so that they’re not prepared to go near an ailing human. In a similar incident that took place a mo back, a person suffering from asthma passed away by this roadside in Telangana (TL) after no 1 had come forward to take (2) him to hospital (3) & even ambulance employees didn’t come to rescue suspecting him to be a COVID-19-19 patient.

The 52-year-old person, who continued begging to citizens about him to shift him to hospital (3), breathed his own last before medical personnel in Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) kits can arrive on the location.