“No Medical Justification For Emergency Measures” – Open Letter From 100s Of Doctors, Health Pros Urges End To Lockdowns

‘A cure mustn’t be worse than the issue’ is a thesis that is extra appropriate than ever within the current status. We note, although, that the collateral damage as of now being caused to the public going to have a greater effect within the short & long term on all sections of the public than the amount of citizens as of now being safeguarded from Coronavirus.

In our opinion, the current Coronavirus steps & the stringent penalties for non-compliance with them are contrary to the values formulated by this Belgian Supreme Health Council, that, till just recently, as the health authority, has always assured quality medicine in our nation: “Science – Expertise – Quality – Impartiality – Independence – Transparency”.

We believe that the policy has presented mandatory steps that aren’t sufficiently scientifically based, unilaterally instructed, & that there is not sufficient space within the media for an open discussion in that various views & opinions are heard. In addition, every municipality & area as of now has the authorisation to add its own steps, whether well-founded (or) not.

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