Body of COVID victim left on bed for 8 hours in Gandhi Hospital

Hyderabad(Hyd): The body of a COVID-19 sufferer has been left unattended on the bed of Gandhi Hospital (3) for nearly 8 hours.

The utter callousness by these officials in the Gandhi Hospital (3) in Hyderabad(Hyd) had come to light when some sufferers within the ward complained to their own family (4) members that the body of a COVID-19 sufferer was cunning on the bed from in the morning. They also complained that the overall ward has been stinking.

Srinivas, a COVID-19 patient of Hyderabad(Hyd), has been undergoing medication in Gandhi Hospital (3). He passed away on Tue. in the morning. However the hospital (3) officials delayed shifting of body to the morgue.

As it remained on the bed until eight prime minister the body putrefied & foul smell started emanating from it. Fearing infection different sufferers left the ward. The incident triggered rallies from different sufferers undergoing medication within the ward.

As per a relative of a COVID-19 patient, even after the inmates within the ward took to the circular of the hospital (3) officials regarding the demise of a patient within the in the morning, nobody bothered to shift the body.

Not been able to bear the stench emanating from that body, some sufferers shifted out of the ward. The hospital (3) officials moved the body to the morgue only after the different inmates rised a hue & cry over the issue.

Although, Hospital (3) Supervisor Raja Rao also confessed that there has been some of the delay in shifting body however not 8 hours. He stated it has been because employees weren’t available because of the ongoing strike by non-regular employees.

Gandhi Hospital (3) is the designated govt hospital (3) for COVID-19.