MP politics heats up over Guna’s Dalit beating

Bhopal: The complaint of police atrocity on members of a Dalit family (4) in Guna dist. has heated the politics of MP. The Congress has gone belligerent on the Shivraj Singh Chouhan govt accusing it of persecuting Dalits & the poverty-stricken, even though the administration in a powerful move eliminated the IG of Gwalior division, the Guna Supervisor of Police & the Dist. Magistrate.

The Dalit family (4) has been brutally beat up by this police throughout an anti-encroachment drive. Video clips on social media(SM) demonstrated a person, his own spouse & 2 kids in the getting end of the police action.

The person has been witnessed being dragged by this police after being beat up as the lady, & the kids begged & grovelled within the dust of the open ground, where he has been involved.

The person faced the brunt of police action for occupying the piece of land meant for college apartment in Cantt region of Guna. This incident dated back some days back. The Dalit couple had afterwards consumed insecticide.

The video footage of the incident went viral on the social media(SM), & as of now, the issue took on political hue with the Congress targetting the state govt for being anti-Dalit.

The govt also swung into action & eliminated the authoritative employees after ordering an investigation.

Political analysts say that the incident happened within the region from where Jyotiraditya Scindia, who shifted to the BJP in Mar after toppling the Congress govt, was MP & the assembly polls are going to be conducted in 16 constituencies within the Gwalior-Chambal division shortly.

It’s for this; the Congress has initiated training guns in the Shivraj govt.

Previous CM Kamal Nath, who’s also the MPCC president, has questioned the excesses that have been inflicted to the Dalit family (4) & inquired, “Going to Shivraj govt show such courage to redeem large number of acres of govt land occupied by this so called people servants & influencers in these regions? Such an incident can’t be tolerated. Immediate action must be taken over the culprits, otherwise, the Congress won’t remain silent.”

Retweeting a tweet of the Congress party, the previous chief minister stated, the Congress has always supported the poverty-stricken & farmers in their own battle against injustice. “This inhuman act of the Shivraj govt has exposed the dictatorship in him. This is the starting of the end of the Shivraj govt in MP,” he stated.

Jyotiraditya Scindia, as of now Rajya Sabha MP from that BJP, quickly damage controlled with the announcement that Guna SP & Collector were eliminated, & the incident is being investigated. “I’m confident that action going to be taken over all those accountable for this evil offence,” he stated.

H.M Narottam Mishra stated that there is the rule of law in MP. “As shortly as we had come to really know regarding the unfortunate incident in Guna, we taken prompt action. This is not the Congress govt. Immediate action has been taken in this complaint. IG, Collector & SP were eliminated as shortly as we had come to really know of the incident,” Mishra stated.

Previous MP Congress president & previous Union Minister Arun Yadav stated that the police are ruthlessly attacking the unarmed Dalit farmers within the state awhile big criminals roam freely. The cries of these innocent poverty-stricken citizens going to result in the fall of the Shivraj govt, he stated.