Bihar lockdown update: Bihar lockdown extended for September 6, no rebate granted

There is no exemption in lock-down in Bihar(BR). The lock-down within the state was extended until Sep 6. The House Dept. released the order after a top level gathering. In this, the order released on Jul 30 for prevention of Coronavirus going to be efficient.

Although, permission has already being given to open commercial & private establishments in Bihar(BR). Simultaneously, the amount of employees in offices has been also rised from 33 to 50 per cent. Parks, gyms & edu institutions are closed as before.

A new order has been released in this context on Mon.. Previously it has been believed that some of the constraints can be relaxed, however this didn’t happen. The night curfew continues in Bihar(BR).

No. of Coronavirus infects crossed 1 lakh in 147 days The
1st patient of Coronavirus in Bihar(BR) has been detected on Mar 22 & from that day the amount of Coronavirus infects has crossed 1 lakh in 147 days.

On Aug 15, the amount of Coronavirus contaminated rised to 1 lakh 1 thousand 906 & on Aug 16 it rised to 1 lakh 04 thousand 93. On Aug 15, the infection rate rised to 3.One per cent.

These days the amount of interrogations rised & the amount of overall contaminated also rised. Although the rate of infection fluctuated.

There have been over the amount of samples tested daily.
On Jun 18, when 5182 samples have been tested within the state, there have been 6993 contaminated. That day 100 new infectives have been detected. Thus, the rate of infection has been reported in 1.92 per cent throughout that time.

Regarding the amount of interrogations rised Snkramiton 1 mo
nearly a mo rised the amount of Snkramiton in proportion to the amount of interrogations within the state. On 14 Jul, 10 thousand 18 samples have been investigated.

awhile the overall no. of contaminated citizens had rised to 18,553 in that time. Although, 1432 new infections have been detected that day & the infection rate rised to 14.29 per cent.

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