A police dog killed during the duty will be buried in a special casket

A Utah paint shop has designed a customized casket for the passed police dog.

Hondo, a K-9 with Herriman City’s Police Department, was Captured while Helping officers apprehending a Nurse at Salt Lake City on February 13.

Hondo suffered a gunshot wound to the sternum and died at a nearby hospital.
The police department contacted Rawtin Garage with an urgent request to honor Hondo’s lifetime: a customized casket.

“They asked if we can get something together since we’ve done work in their bikes earlier,” John Ward, owner of Rawtin Garage, told CNN.

Twenty-four hours afterwards, Rawtin has shown an exceptional casket. All hand-painted or airbrushed, its custom made layout, comprised a portrait of Hondo sporting his authorities exploit.

“What an honor it was to paint a hero’s casket,” the garage posted on Facebook.
The crew in Rawtin Garage generally custom paints bikes and classic automobiles this was their very first casket design.

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