Top 10 Movies To Watch in 2024

Top 10 Movies To Watch

As the calendar turns to 2024, the world of cinema prepares to unveil a tapestry of storytelling that spans genres, worlds, and emotions. This year is not just another in the annals of film; it’s a celebration of cinematic diversity. From the haunting depths of space to the gritty corners of dystopian futures, the lineup … Read more

Top 7 Movies Based on NHL Player

There are many different movies about the NHL that can fulfill your longing to be on the ice while still giving you the thrill, fear, suspense, and drama of the game. There’s something for everyone, whether you want fantastic comedy or true tragedy.  NHL is a very popular sport among people and as a reason … Read more

7 Movies Based on Video Games You Should Watch

The video game industry is huge, and it gets bigger year after year as the technology and accessibility of immersive video game experiences grows. It’s no surprise that many worlds, stories and characters that started their lives in video games have been adapted to the silver screen in full length Hollywood film productions. It’s true, … Read more

Director Timothy Chey’s Film ‘The Epic Journey’ Hits Epoch TV

If you’re like me, it’s highly possible that you truly enjoy watching films about traveling to distant countries, exploring different cities, and discovering new things about the locals living there. Such movies have the power to transport us to countries far away from our initial location to places that have either seen human interference and … Read more

7 Best Documentaries Every Christian Needs to Watch in 2024

If you enjoy watching moves, you have surely tried the documentaries section on any streaming site to see if you find something interesting, or you have seen documentaries about things that you are interested in to learn more about that topic. They are a really great genre because they provide information that you will not … Read more

8 Great Under-the-Radar Movies You Might Have Missed

Every year there’s an enormous amount of movies coming out. Even though the recent events have dampened the production of most studios, there are still plenty of hidden gems left in the past years. Be it the late 2000s or early 2010s, we can dig out some very unique experiences that will stick with you … Read more