Top 7 Movies Based on NHL Player

There are many different movies about the NHL that can fulfill your longing to be on the ice while still giving you the thrill, fear, suspense, and drama of the game. There’s something for everyone, whether you want fantastic comedy or true tragedy.  NHL is a very popular sport among people and as a reason for that, it is not so strange for people to love everything that is related to it.  Because you just can’t get enough of the excitement, if you’re a true hockey fan who bets even using the picks such as what is given here at NHL picks , you’ll undoubtedly love to look for movies about the sport to add to your collection.

Hockey ranks fourth in regard to betting handle and even though it is not popular as soccer and basketball it is worthy of attention. So if you’re an NHL lover, let’s check which movies you should definitely watch.

1. The Mighty Ducks


The Mighty Ducks is one of the most famous comedic ice hockey film series. The first issue was published in October 1992. The narrative revolves around selfish lawyer and former All-Star hockey player Gordon Bombay (Emilio Estevez). Ironically, he appears in court after being pulled over for drunk driving. Bombay must coach a peewee hockey team under Judge George Coe’s (Judge Weathers) reparations order. Bombay, initially irritated, nonetheless decides to build a winning squad for what he dubs the group The Ducks. Throughout the film, he explores his story, builds a relationship with the boys, and gives back to the neighborhood. The Mighty Ducks is a fantastic family film that emphasizes the value of teamwork and the fun of hockey. For fans of the original film, the sequels “D2” and “D3: The Mighty Ducks” are recommended.

2. The Rhino Brothers”

A young man’s quest to play in the professional hockey league is the subject of The Rhino Brothers, a realistic hockey drama. Stefan Kanachowski (Curtis Bechdholt) goes home after his appearances in the lower leagues. Because they assume he will succeed his older brother Sasha (William MacDonald), who also played in the minor leagues before his return home, they say nothing to him. Stefan strives to be better than his brother, who continues to live at home and spends much of his time drinking. With the help and affection of his mother, Ellen (Gabrielle Rose), Stefan jealously triumphs over his older brother. The film opened in cinemas in July 2002.

3. Youngblood


1980s heartthrobs Rob Lowe and Patrick Swayze star in the tragic tale Youngblood. The 1986 film Youngblood introduces Dean Youngblood (Rob Lowe), a seventeen-year-old farm boy with NHL aspirations. His father Blane (Eric Nesterenko) thinks he should give up his goals and stay home to help out on the farm. Jim Youngs, who plays Dean’s older brother Kelly, persuades their father to allow Dean to try out for a Canadian team. Dean begins to doubt his success after getting into a series of altercations with other league players. This film explores triumph, heartache and the tenacity it takes to pursue your goals.

4. Slap Shot

No list of ice hockey movies would be complete without the 1977 comedy Slap Shot, starring Paul Newman as Reggie Dunlop. The film is about a minor league hockey club so driven for success that they resort to aggressive gameplay to avoid selling the team. The NFL takes notice of the team after a successful long season and scouts are sent to the championship game. The team’s owner, Anita McCambridge (Kathryn Walker), promises to merge the team despite making a tidy profit and taking a tax write-off.

Dunlop (Newman) is angry about the circumstances. He promises to take the roster with him if given the opportunity to manage the Minnesota Nighthawks after winning the title. For those who enjoy the excitement and brutality of the sport, this captivating drama is perfect.

5. Miracle


Miracle, a film about the 1980 US Olympic hockey team and their victory over the USSR, is based on a true event if you want a feel-good tale of inspiration and optimism. Kurt Russell gives a heartwarming performance as coach Herb Brooks in this tale of triumph, the Cold War, the belief in miracles and the hope to bring hope to a people when all odds are against you. Families would do well to see this film. Disney released it in 2004.

6. Les boys

Les Boys and its two sequels are becoming one of the most popular Canadian film series in the country’s history while being as hard to find and cover up as they are excellent. The narrative follows an amateur ice hockey team made up of eccentric enough people to keep up with the villagers. It is set in Quebec and features French-speaking characters. The film’s bar owner, whose son wants to play hockey, finds out he owes money to a local organized crime family. The crime leader proposes a bet between his own amateur team and the bar-sponsored “Les Boys” to make his money. If Les Boys triumphs, the obligation is fulfilled; but if they lose, the criminal leader gets the money.

The film offers excellent side stories that are fun and full of interesting characters. Finally, we see the brutal battle between teams to determine the winner.

7. Goon


What happens when one of the toughest sports on earth is combined with one of the friendliest (but rowdiest) bouncers ever? The answer is “Goon”. In this gripping film, Sean William Scott plays Doug Glatt, the bouncer who is ashamed of his own life and constantly compares his accomplishments (or lack thereof) to those of his father (Eugene Levy) and brother (David Paetkau). Both are doctors. Doug defends his brother from the opposing team’s enforcer while watching a minor league hockey game, then proceeds to beat the man mercilessly.

Well, in this particular hockey league, that sort of feat is enough for Doug to get a call from the same club interested in signing his fists. From there, this amusing film really takes off as Doug lives out his fantasy of playing his favorite sport, despite actually being more of a haymaker than a puck shooter.


Movies about sports can help you get a behind-the-scenes look at the lives of players and coaches. You can also get an idea of ​​what the players’ families are experiencing. You can stock your shelves with a wide selection of hockey movies and watch movies in every genre during the off-season to whisk away the time until your favorite team returns to the ice.