Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 31st March 2024 Episode: Amber Invites Guneet

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 31st March 2024 Episode Written Update: Amber Invites Guneet For Dinner.

The episode starts with they will meet in the day. Kabir recalls Nia telling him she said bye to Randeep if he left. Amber says hello and comes to Guneet. She states Amber ji, you are at home. He states I see you.

He says that I came to ask you. Guneet says she will head out at night to the sadsang and moved outside. Amber asks if she’ll have dinner and says he’s also. Guneet states dinner and gets amazed.

He states in the evening. She will do dinner and says she’ll do lunch. Amber laughs. Guneet states you’re laughing hearing me and gets amazed. She says we ought to happen to be buddies back. Amber says that he will enjoy. Amazed is looked on by guneet.

Swara says she wants time and speaks to Kabir in regards to the demonstration. Kabir claims everybody needs rest and asks her to calm down. Shri asks him to tell her where’s he? Kabir says it’s my private matter, I won’t tell. Shri asks him to inform and says there’s something wrong.

Kabir says I will satisfy my wife and we’re planning to receive a young child. He says he is going to speak to Nia. Swara asks him to proceed. Kabir goes. Shri asks Swara to reply him. She informs about the job.

Shri says it’s not work related query. Swara says I do not combine professional and private life. She tells they used to enjoy ago. She says he was enjoyed by me but not told him. When they may be serious, she says she got a telephone then asked him. He explained.

She states she’d gone into Bangalore and Kabir arrived. If there’s an opportunity 8, shri asks. Swara asks him to inform. Shri says that there is not anything involving Kabir and Nia, they are friends. Kabir hugging Nia is recalled by swara. She requests Shri to return to work.

Amber informs he has made rule that there’ll not be any fights, there’ll be friendship and enjoy ambience. He says whoever resides in ambience that is great, remains fine. Guneet asks who’s the Pro now a days?

Amber asks her if she’ll dine with him and says no. Guneet asks you need me to deliver my meals? Amber says we can do dinner. Guneet inquires why? Amber states whom to hunt to have dinner.

Guneet says you’ve got food when Nia isn’t at home. He states so will I believe you won’t come. Guneet agrees and asks him to create no anti veg vegetarian meals or eggs. If you’re fine she inquires, you’re sweating a good deal. Amber says I wish to tell some thing to you.

Guneet asks him to state. When we speak today what we can do within dinner amber says. Guneet says okay, you’re calling me to speak. She asks him to tell her when he wants assistance and says okay.

Amber goes and says I’ll call you. Guneet believes if he believes he’s incredible and is intending to throw us out.

She believes when something was said by Maa and recalls Amber requesting them to provide safety deposit for a year, but she does not talk to him. She thinks if he’s going to inform her about his woman that is online.

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