Beyhadh 2, 27 March 2024 Episode 88: Maya Asks Vikram To Prove His Love

Beyhadh 2, 27th March 2024 Episode 88 Written Update: Maya Asks Vikram To Prove His Love.

The episode starts with Maya screaming in front of Vikram and says, you are calling me princess and you have tied me like this, like animals, this is how you treat your princess?

Vikram realizes immediately, says no, sorry! and opens the chain tied to Maya’s hands.

Maya asks Vikram do you really love me? he replies yes!

Maya asks him if you really love me then prove your love! she asks him to take her out. Vikram replies I love you so much but I can’t let you go out.

Maya requests Vikram to take away the dead body out of the house, it makes me very uncomfortable! Vikram replies, don’t worry I will do that, anything that makes you uncomfortable, I won’t let it around you. He kisses Maya’s forehead and leaves from there.

Maya writes HELP on a white paper and throws outside from the window, Rudra sees the paper and thinks maybe Maya need help, his friend says Maya never ask the help of others, I think children are playing. Few kids run from there.

Maya writes another paper quickly and throws, Rudra gets into his car and moves from there and the paper falls on the road (super suspense movement).

Maya tries to open the door, but it was locked, she uses a smart technique to get the door lock key she was successful.

Maya opens the door and meets her mother. And they were both quickly moves to go out of the house.

Maya’s mom says I have a huge injury on my leg I can’t walk, you run away from here.

Vikram comes into the house and check Maya’s mom and warns her, Maya’s Mom takes a knife and says, I won’t let myself Maya’s week point and cuts her hand.

Maya watches all this from behind the sofa chair. Maya gets the reacall of the past, when Rishi cuts his hand and other series of events.

Maya seems like she got her lost memory back after she recalls a series of recent incidents, Maya gets her complete memory back.

Next episode 89 of Beyhadh 2, 30th March 2024 promo shows Maya pushes Vikram and asks him why did you do this, where there is no trust, there is no love.

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