Shubharambh 31st March 2024 Episode: Raja Sits On Head’s Seat

Shubharambh 31st March 2024 Episode Written Update: Raja Sits On Head’s Seat.

Raja informs Gunvant that Asha was chased by somebody, we must organize the cash. Gunvant states who’ll kidnap her? I’ve pooja we’ll see it. Kirtida says do not disturb him. Rani informs Raja that how do they say thatwe do not have time.

Hitank attempts to speak with Gunvant however he says that my pooja is not quitting for anybody, I really don’t care if she dies or lives.

Raja is shocked. The priest informs Gunvant that this pooja can not prevent. Kirtida asks this to discontinue, Asha has to be. Raja can not believe his ears.

Hitank informs Raja which we’re able to visit the authorities. Rani says nohe could hurt Asha. Hitank says I want to attempt to organize the cash.

Pooja is being done by the priest. He glares at him although hitank asks him to rescue Asha.

Raja understands Asha’s movie yelling and tied into a chair. Rani believes I’m sorry I needed to try this. Raja informs Gunvant receive cash and to devote time, please assist. Gunvant shouts I advised you to stop bothering me.

Raja is in tears. Rani says we’ve got 5 minutes left, we can not stand such as this. Raja remembers the words of Kirtida he can not enter the store to get a year. In the event that you do not do anything 9, rani says Asha can perish.

Rani believes I need to send him. Raja recalls the attention because of him of Asha. Raja says I need to save my mother. He enters the store and takes the measure forward. Rani is joyful and astonished.

All are active from the pooja therefore Raja goes and opens the safe. The priest informs Gunvant your reign is beginning in 1 moment sit and so go on your seat.

Gunvant turns to watch and smirks. Raja unintentionally sits to the mind chair right now. The safe opens and requires money. The priest says it is Raja’s predominate. Raja is shouted at by gunvant.

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