Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2, 31st March 2024 Episode: Anish & Devika Says…

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 31st March 2024 Episode Written Update: Anish & Devika says, Suman will not be impressed.

Devika and Anish taunt Shravan and state anything he attempts, Suman won’t be impressed. When Suman isn’t here, how can she be impressed Shravan says? He turns and sees Suman there, which makes the server sit and says now, he’ll take his or her everybody’s order.

The waiter says he’s currently seeing somebody serving him. Everybody’s order is taken by Shravan. Suman says that he is acting for her sin. Kanchan says he’s trying genuinely.

After courses, Shravan walks out when peon says that he understands everything can help him get the forgiveness of Suman. If he can Shravan asks. Peon walks off and says tomorrow, he’ll tell his experiment.

In the day, the whole incident and Shravan matches Bunty says that he desires the bias at any price of Suman. Bunty says he’ll give a strategy to him. Shravan says that he will experimentation and see whether it works. Suman inquires who gave it and sees Damroo sporting morning.

Damroo says Shravan having an apology. Suman believes Shravan delivered her this apology. Shravan waits for her and expects he is noticed by her. Suman leaves and discovering him quits, but dismisses jogs.

Back home, she receives the bank letter of Sanjay and hands it on. Dadaji asks whom did he accept loan from also reading correspondence. Vijay joins. Devraj is said from by sanjay tensed.

Vijay does not take together Sanjay for doctor’s checkup and feels frustrated. He meets with physician who requests him to break for a few time, but he denies.

Vijay dismisses and pushes his jeep away, although devraj matches watching Vijay waves and Brigadier there to take the final acceptance of order.

Where peon indicates him he should have a danger and determine if Suman gets stressed for him or not, shravan returns to college. When the chemical jar of Shravan affects practicals begins.

Shravan believes notices it let him determine not or if Suman disturbs. It is also noticed by suman keeps silent. Once compounds are mixed by Shravan anish believes, bottles will explode.

When Shravan is going to combine substances, teacher scolding him requests her friend to be helped by Suman and stops. Suman scolds him and he asks when Anish shifting compound was seen by her didn’t she stop him.

Suman scolds Anish to quit Shravan that is bothering and glancing in her problems. Shravan smiles hearing this. Peon advises Shravan that also his bloodstream and Suman is B, so he must use it.

During course, Bakshi declares also to attract their families and about blood donation camps. Shravan gets tensed which Suman notices.

He informs peon he hates needles and walks. Peon says that he preponed blood donation camp only to utilize this chance in a way that is better.

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