Man who crashed gate where Trudeau lives facing 22 charges

Toronto: A person who reportedly smashed his own truck using a gate on the grounds where PM Justin Trudeau lives has been charged with 22 crimes on Fri., involving weapons offences & uttering threats.

Royal Canadian Rised Police Deputy Commissioner Mike Duheme stated Corey Hurren had multiple weapons when he has been detained Thu..

He declined to comment on the motivation of Hurren, a 46-year-old on-duty member of the Canadian military reserves & a businessman from Manitoba. The person had a bail hearing Fri. & has been remanded in custody till Jul 17.

He faces charges involving 2 counts of possessing a restricted (or) prohibited gun, 4 counts of careless utilize, storage (or) handling of a firearm & 4 counts of possessing a firearm for a dangerous purpose.

Police believe he has been acting alone.

Police officer said Hurren smashed his own truck using the gate in 6:30 a.m. Thu.. The truck has been disabled & the suspect has been spotted with a rifle before being contained in a greenhouse on the sprawling property in Ottawa. Police started speaking to him & he has been detained 2 hours thereafter.

Trudeau lives on the grounds of the property where Canada’s governor gen. resides. The post of governor gen., presently conducted by Julie Payette, is a largely ceremonial position. Payette also wasn’t house at the moment.

Trudeau, his own spouse & 3 kids live in a cottage on the property because the prime minister’s traditional home is now in disrepair.

This has been something that no 1 wants to hear, that someone entered your house, Trudeau stated. I need to extend my sincere gratitude to the RCMP & the Ottawa police service that did a remarkable job in assuring that there weren’t wounds. Trudeau declined furthermore comment.