TSRTC buses to be back on Hyderabad’s roads from Friday

Hyderabad(Hyd), September 24 : The Telangana (TL) govt on Thu. gave its nod to the Telangana (TL) State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) for resuming city bus solutions in Hyderabad(Hyd).

Originally, 25 percent buses going to be operated & the numbers going to be ramped up depending on the status.

The call has been taken by CM K. Chandrasekhar Rao after a gathering with Transport Minister P. Ajay Kumar & Sr. authorities.

The TSRTC may reopen the solutions in this city from Fri.. The authorities have been busy finalizing the routes on that the buses going to be operated.

The call had come a day after the TSRTC resumed partial solutions on the outskirts of the city.

Awhile bus solutions around the state resumed in May, the city solutions weren’t resumed in see of the high no. of COVID-19-19 instances within the state capital.

The TSRTC buses went off roads across Telangana (TL) on Mar 22. The solutions, except city solutions in Hyderabad(Hyd), have been restored on May 19.

The TSRTC operates over 3,000 buses on 1,400 in Hyderabad(Hyd) involving the outskirts. Before COVID-19-19, these buses habituated to make 43,000 trips, transporting over 30 lakh passengers each day.