Kundali Bhagya Episode Written Update 14 September 2024: Preeta Makes Mahira Jealous With Karan

Within the latest series of Kundali Bhagya, Preeta has her griha pravesh within the Luthra Home, after Karan accepts her as his own spouse. Rakhi appreciates Preeta into the home. Preeta makes a video footage call to her mom Sarla, & shows her the overall ceremony. Mahira & Sherlyn are inquired to develop the bed for Preeta’s suhaag raat. Preeta informs Sarla thereafter that Karan has still not agreed her as his own spouse. Sarla informs Preeta that once she exposes the lies of Mahira & Sherlyn, Karan going to realize his own error.

Next week, Daadi informs everybody that Karan doesn’t need to be in his own room with Preeta. Kareena informs Karan to sleep within the guest room for the night. Sammy steps in & instigates Karan. He states that in case Karan spends the night within the guest room, it’ll prove he’s scared of Preeta & she’ll win. Mahira tries to block Karan from going within the bedroom with Preeta. Karan informs her nothing unfair going to happen & goes to speak to Preeta.

Mahira is afraid that she’s lost Karan forever because he’s within the bedroom with Preeta. Sherlyn tries to calm her down however is not been able to accomplish so. Sammy informs Srishti that he’s persuaded Karan to be with Preeta. He’s afraid they’re going to fight, however Srishti states Preeta going to be great to Karan.

Karan arrives his own room & requests Preeta to leave immediately. Preeta is regarding to leave however she hears Mahira getting upset & shifts her schedule. She locks the bedroom door & tries to say sweet & romantic things to Karan, knowing that Mahira & Sherlyn are eavesdropping.

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