Kundali Bhagya 20 March 2024 Episode: Sherlyn Accuses Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 20 March 2024 Episode Written Update: Sherlyn blames Preeta of Kidnapping Mahira.

Mahira is currently missing from Sherlyn informs everyone and the Luthra House that she believes Mahira has been kidnapped by Preeta.

In the preceding episode of Kundali Bhagya, Karan attempts to escape from the union by stating Mahesh is ailing. But, he both convinced he has no choice except to get married. Karan agrees to wed Mahira the day.

Sameer goes into Preeta’s home and tells her around the wedding of Mahira and Karan. Sarla and Srishti refuse to assist the Luthra family or Karan. Preeta tells her mum she does not care when somebody else is being married by Karan. She’s prepared to proceed in life.

In tonight’s episode, Rishabh asks him up and proceeds to the area of Mahesh. Rishabh informs Mahesh that Karan is currently making a mistake rather than being together with Preeta.

Karan asks and enters the room. Rishabh informs Karan he does not feel that Preeta attempted to kill Mahesh. He states that Karan does not think it.

Karan says that he does not understand what isn’t true and what’s the truth. He knows Preeta is the major defendant and that Mahesh is back into a coma.

Karan goes into his space and finds himself remembering the time and Preeta he spent with her Holi. Preeta sits in bed all night. While Karan yells Preeta hugs and cries Srishti.

Srishti tries to send her away and sees Mahira at the house Ramona, Mahira’s mom, goes into the area to search prior to the marriage for Mahira. She is not able to locate her everywhere.

Ramona informs Sherlyn that something isn’t right and Mahira is in trouble. Mahira enters the home of Preeta but Srishti attempts to push outside. Mahira will not leave until she says and says she must tell something significant to Preeta.

Preeta asks Srishti listen to and to wait what Mahira would like to say. In the Luthra House, Rakhi attempts to inform everyone that Mahira has to have gone into the temple. Sherlyn indicates that Preeta may have kidnapped the wedding to halt.

Ramona is convinced that Mahira has been kidnapped by Preeta. Can Preeta get accused? Find out.

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