Kumkum Bhagya 14 September 2024 Episode Written Update: Is Prachi Happy To Be Ranbir’s Bride?

Kumkum Bhagya‘s next daily episode is going to take (2) us using the exact information of just how Prachi landed in Maya’s place next to Ranbir.

We’ll watch just how Prachi talks to Ranbir as she tries to adjust the ghungat on her face. She informs him that she didn’t need to gain wedded this way, however she’d no choice as she couldn’t watch someone being wronged. Within the flashback, it’s shown just how Prachi, Sarita, Shahana, & Aryan decide that the last way to safeguard Ranbir is by exchanging the bride.

Sarita offers the ingredients of cooking that would flame up the agnikund & create a plenty of smoke. Because of that replaced ingredient,Ranbir & Mayaare moved to their own rooms.

Once within the room, Prachi informs Maya that she knows the fact & Rahul has informed them everything regarding her schedule to divorce Ranbir & escape with him. However Ranbir informs her that the schedule has turned & Maya laughs.

Prachi warns to oust her real face ahead of her family (4) however Maya begs her not to accomplish so & sobs. Thereafter, she discloses she was acting & she’s the 1 who’ll marry Ranbir. She warns Prachi that she’ll throw her out of the window.

However within the ensuing scuffle, Ranbir & Prachi knock Maya senseless.

As in case on cue, Maya’s mom calls out from that door & states that the smoke has withered far away & the panditji wants the bride & groom to come to the mandap. She also states that Ranbir going to be took by Maya’s uncle. Ranbir & Prachi gain scared & think that they’ve died Maya.

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