Kundali Bhagya 24th August 2024 Episode Written Update: Mahesh Moves His Hand, Gets Better

Mahira reminds Karan that Preeta had sent a legal circular for property. Preeta has been clueless & rejects sending 1; she never sent any circular.

Rishab has been as of now sceptical. Kareena calls Preeta a liar & rejects accepting the marriage of Karan & Preeta. She informs the Pandit to end this marriage. Dadi informs Karan to hold Preeta’s hand & take (2) the rounds different way & end this marriage. Karan states that as of now, he wants Preeta to live in this home.

Mahira forces Karan to undo this marriage, & hurries Pandit ji to undo this marriage. Pandit ji states no Pandit ever undo marriage. Marriage is an unbreakable relation, the Sindoor is eternal & no 1 could break the sanctity of it.

Preeta is as of now Karan’s spouse & going to remain so until their own lives end. Rakhi & Rishab notices a slight movement in Mahesh’s body. Rishab sits apart from him & kiss his own arm. Mahira requests Rishab why he behaves so easy. Rishab has been peaceful, he states the marriage occurred ahead of them all. Its best she accepts it.

Mahira shouts that she doesn’t accept this wedding. Her mom also queries Rishab just how she could be so indifferent, the wedding has been a betrayal. Rishab informs Sameer to take (2) dad to his own room. Mahesh opens his own eyes. Preeta spots his own hand move weakly. She tries to take (2) Karan’s attention afterwards tries to follow Mahesh. Kareena stops Preeta right there.

Within the corridor, Sherlin tries to block Mahira. Mahira goes to the kitchen, tossing everything about. Sherlin tries to block her. Mahira holds a knife in an trying to murder herself.

Sarla hurries Janki to close the doors & windows, it feels like a storm. She protects the flame in temple & shares her fears for Preeta with Janki. Preeta had gone to Luthra home, may she be safe. Janki brings her to sit down, everything going to be fine. Sarla fears that something should surely go unfair.

Janki states her heart verdicts that everything should be fine. Sarla has been restless & cries that her Preeta should again be bearing offend in hand of Sherlin, Kareena & the rest. Preeta should be suffering silently. She doesn’t like Karan in all, he never respected Preeta & wedded her in betrayal.

She’d witnessed the acceptance on Preeta’s face when Karan wedded her, she has been unaware that she’d wedded Karan, however she has been prepared to live her relation to complete. Afterwards Karan wound her each moment. Janki wish Karan understood Preeta & agreed her as his own spouse & wasn’t marrying Mahira. She wishes Karan recognises his own error. Sarla has been angry & states she should never have given Preeta to Karan.

He always offends Preeta, & in his own home everybody else also disgraces her & throws her out of the home. Sarla prays for protection of Preeta.

Kareena shouts in Shrishti to take (2) Preeta far from Luthra home. Preeta is shameless & they don’t need to watch her face again. Mahira’s mom grabs Karan’s collar & pleads Karan to marry her daughter, else she’ll be passed. Preeta recalls Mahesh’s enhancing condition & runs inside. Kareena has been consoling Mahira’s mom.

Mahira runs after Preeta to murder her. Sherlin stops her informing she’s gone insane, in case anybody must pass away afterwards it should be Mahira. Preeta comes to Mahesh’s room. She appeals Mahesh to wake up. She’d witnessed him smile in her. She knows that he’s hearing everything & recognises who’s doing unfair.

No 1 trusts her within the home, however she’s sure he’ll be her side. Everybody outdoor is awaiting & wants to really know the real face of Sherlin & Mahira. They’ve to combat war, because it’s regarding their own family (4). Karan is insensible however Rishab’s personal life is also in danger.

He should wake up for his own own personal life as well. She cries badly & lay her head near his own hand. Mahesh moves his own hand over Preeta’s hand. Preeta has been stunned to watch the reaction.

Rakhi has been going inside. Kareena & Dadi abandon her. Rishab & Karan also turn to leave. Kareena doesn’t let anybody move. She states she alerted them over Preeta however still they invited Preeta. She goes to see Preeta inside. Shrishti cries & requests Dadi in case Preeta doesn’t mean anything to them.

Rishab stops Shrishti as no 1 is now in senses. Karan murmurs that he’s unconscious, he understood that inviting Preeta has been unfair however he’d to fulfil his own ego. & here, she suspended his own marriage.

Sherlin brings Mahira to kitchen. She states in case you murder someone by knife, the human is saved. 1 should utilize a means that shake the surroundings. She opens a bottle of kerosene & begins throwing it over Mahira.

Preeta reads the enhancing ECG of Mahesh. She states she recognized his own signal that he stood beside her. He only needs to show little courage & he’ll wake up. They want to safeguard everybody together.

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