Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 24th August 2024 Episode Written Update: Vansh Doesn’t Get Arrested

The Daily episode begins with Vansh requesting Anupriya to take (2) Dadi inside. He goes towards Kabir. He states welcome to this city, Inspector Kabir. Riddhima comes & looks on. Ishq mein marjawa….plays…. Kabir states you’ve attempted to make this city your jungle & rule over, I didn’t come to take (2) your welfare, we’re here to inquire a killing, an old person Mr. Sate is murdered. Vansh requests going to you blame me for all this murders happening in this city, catch the real criminal, don’t waste my time. Kabir states real criminal is now in front of me. Riddhima smiles.

Kabir states you mean you don’t really know Mr. Sate, did you go on the killing location on in the morning walk. He shows the cctv footage to Vansh. Vansh gets stunned seeing someone dressed like him. Kabir requests as of now shall I think of the relation between you & Mr. Sate, you’re under detain, I detain you didn’t inquire the guest to have water, I’ll accomplish the finest, your clothes & shoes are the proof.

He requests Mishra to give it. He shows the handcuffs to Vansh. Vansh requests could I watch cctv footage again. Kabir states okay, you’ve watch it numerous times, fact won’t alter. Vansh sees the footage again. He states zoom in on the shoes, that’s not my shoes.

I got (1) VR shoes. Kabir & Riddhima gain stunned. Vansh states regarding clothes, anybody could purchase the clothes from that mall, I could pack clothes for you also, its not bribe, however a small gift from my side, it’ll remind you of your foolishness, Kabir, your proof don’t match with me, game over.

Kabir states, you weren’t in house, where have been you. Angre comes & states boss has been with me in workplace, the citizens present in gathering could testify in case you need. Kabir states I m not finished, I need to interrogate your family (4), I’ll go once I m pleased.

He requests Riddhima is she addition to the family (4). She recalls Kabir’s words. Riddhima states I…. Vansh states she’s Mrs. Vansh Raisinghania, my spouse, so don’t you care.

Vansh states the law states that you could’t blame anybody without an proof, its my home, not your PS (police station), I’ve the rights, power & relations here, gain some of the significant evidence, afterwards we’ll talk, have a great day, take (2) care, great bye. Kabir states I m detecting the evidence, the day I gain it, you’ll be in my PS (police station), rights & power going to be mine, you really know our relation.

Vansh states out I stated… remember Kabir, some of the games aren’t so easy, so best luck next time.

Kabir states keep your wishes to yourself, you’ll want luck next time. Vansh goes in. Kabir leaves. Riddhima imagines Kabir couldn’t detain Vansh. She goes to Mrs. D’souza & requests where is the phone.

Mrs. D’souza states that person is murdered, didn’t you hear the police, I’ve thrown the phone, who accomplish you need to talk to, tell me. Dadi requests Vansh why did police come house.

Vansh states there has been a small misunderstanding, police left, have medicines. Dadi states I know everything, I don’t interfere, however I really know everything, last time police had come when your dad passed away, afterwards you managed everything, I m proud of you, I m worried for you.He states my family (4) is my strength, not my weakness, just trust me, I’ll manage everything. She takes medicines.

She states I feel you really know everything, who did that, right. Mrs. D’souza imagines Riddhima going to give me info, I’ll pass to Vansh. Riddhima states no 1, I has been tensed regarding the phone so I inquired you. She goes to her room. She tries to open the drawer. She states there is Vansh’s gun inside, we could prove that Vansh died Ragini’s dad. Vansh comes to the room. She gets far from the drawer. He requests did you call Sate.

He requests why accomplish you spy regarding me, you accomplish a plenty of things & tell that a spouse is doing it. She states you didn’t tell me overall fact, you didn’t leave any option for me, I confess I did this, I wanted to really know Ragini’s overall fact.

I did 1 error, however you’ve died her dad, 1st Ragini afterwards her dad, police has come for it, you’ve fooled the police, just how going to you refuse the blood mark on your hand. He states remember this, I didn’t murder Ragini, Sate is not Ragini’s dad, I didn’t murder Sate. She requests just how much going to you lie. He requests am I cunning (or) you.

He states you named Sate & also inspector Kabir. She imagines just how did he really know all this. He opens the drawer & gets the phone. He states this is the phone right.

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