Kumkum Bhagya 24th August 2024 Episode Written Update: Aaliya’s Big Conspiracy Against Pragya, Lands Ranbir In Police Station

The daily episode begins with Beeji telling that she’d gone to temple. Ranbir is surprised. Beeji states she has been joking & informs that Meera had gone to temple & I just took her thaali. Pallavi states so much hera pheri. Ranbir informs him that she’s becoming dangerous Dida. Door bell rings. Pallavi requests Ranbir to have his own breakfast & goes to watch the door. She states Prachi stated that Aaliya’s phone is with her. Pallavi opens the door & locates police standing outdoor. Pallavi is stunned.

The Inspector comes inside & requests Ranbir to come to PS (police station) & informs that he’s charged of stealing amount. Beeji states you’re always behind my grand son. Vikram states look in our home & us, accomplish you think that our son going to steal.

Beeji states he’s not go anywhere. Vikram tries to block his own detain. Ranbir informs that in case he’s innocent afterwards he’ll return. Pallavi requests who’s registered the case. Inspector that the fusion beats firm has registered the complaint. Pallavi states it’s our firm. Inspector informs that the case has been registered by Varsha. He takes Ranbir from there.

Vikram recalls & informs that Varsha is Aaliya’s sister. He calls Aaliya. Aaliya sees his own call & recalls requesting Varsha to see the CCTV footage & file the police case, afterwards switch off her phone. She imagines nobody knows her 1st schedule & won’t really know her 2nd schedule.

Rhea comes there & informs that she wants prasad. Pallavi informs that Police had come & detained him. Rhea states she’ll call Buji. She blames Prachi & goes to her home. She pushes the door & gets inside. Prachi requests regarding her behaviour.

Rhea blames Prachi & requests what did she say that obliged him to steal in his own own firm. Prachi is stunned & informs that he didn’t catch the thief? Rhea informs that he didn’t catch the thief. Prachi requests just how accomplish you really know?

Rhea requests her not to inquire query from her & informs that you’re unfair from birth. She informs her that Ranbir is now in jail due to her. Prachi states I actually don’t really know anything.

Rhea states it has been your schedule, you’d stolen the amount, afterwards performed to be innocent so that Ranbir steals from his own firm & prove you innocent. She requests her to back to Hoshiarpur & informs that you’ve ruined everything.

Prachi goes from there. Rhea imagines where is Buji? Aaliya imagines why she doesn’t blood relation & closesness with Prachi. She states I’m just getting anger. She’s troubled my Rhea so much, informs that as of now she just hates her. She states this is destiny, whatever Pragya habituated to say has been nonsense?

A facebook is shown, Pragya requests her to be happy with whatever she’s, & informs her that amount is nothing. She states still there is time & requests her to gain best. Facebook ends. Aaliya imagines you didn’t gain the thief tag on your name, however your daughter going to. She states citizens going to call you chor ki maa & states in case I didn’t accomplish this afterwards my name is not Aaliya. Rhea comes there & requests why you’re chilling here & not picking the call. She states Ranbir is detained.

Aaliya states game is on. Rhea requests did you really know that Ranbir had stolen the amount. She requests why did you accomplish this? Aaliya states this time Ranbir shall feel that Prachi is unlucky for him, this has been required so that they don’t come closer to every different. Rhea informs that she could’t watch Ranbir in jail. Aaliya states he’ll gain best in case he stays in jail.

Ranbir states what Prachi going to think in case she comes to really know regarding it. Prachi comes there & requests him why did he cook up the post & why did he steal the amount? Ranbir states whatever I’d finished is for you. Prachi states it has been my responsibility to repatriate the amount. He requests just how? She states I’d taken support from Sarita behen, would’ve taken maa’s jewelry & loan.

He states he’s finished this for her. Prachi states you’ve finished unfair & have deceived everything.

She states my charges is on you, even as of now I’m suspect. She requests him not to tell anything & states in case I say anything afterwards going to regret. She states lie is a lie & requests him not to accomplish this for anybody. She states in case I’m not in your personal life, afterwards also you’ll have everybody, don’t accomplish this. She leaves. Rhea comes there & informs that she doesn’t think like Prachi.

She states you could talk to me. Ranbir states sorry. Rhea informs that you didn’t accomplish any error, you helped her as a friend. Prachi is seeing your way, however not your emotions. Ranbir states I’d no option. Rhea states you’d the option not to accomplish anything & states you shan’t support those who doesn’t respect you & your friendship. Ranbir states she helped me in Maya’s complaint so much. Rhea informs that Prachi won’t accomplish this like you’ve finished this for her.

She informs that for Prachi, her values, house & regulations are everything. She requests him to inquire her next time & she’ll tell just how much he shall support remaining. She leaves. Ranbir imagines of Prachi’s words & imagines that she stated right.

Vikram & Pallavi come to the PS (police station). They tell that Varsha is their own staff & is missing. Pallavi states this has been our firm & we’re taking back the complaint. Inspector informs that till Varsha comes here, complaint won’t be taken aback.

He states complete inquiry going to be finished. Aaliya calls Vikram & requests in case everything is alright. Vikram states Police detained Ranbir. Aaliya states she’ll come to the PS (police station). Pallavi informs that Inspector inquired them to bring Varsha there. Aaliya requests her to tell the Inspector that Ranbir is the boss of the firm & why he’ll steal.

Pallavi requests her to bring Varsha there. Aaliya states she’ll try. Inspector requests them to either bring Varsha (or) hire a great lawyer. Aaliya bribes Varsha & requests her to gain her legs broken. Varsha is stunned.

Aaliya requests her to just act & imagines Ranbir is just her mohra to defeat Pragya.

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