Kundali Bhagya 13th August 2024 Episode Written Update: Prithvi escapes from Police with the help of Sherlyn

Daily daily episode begins with Sristy locks the terrace door so the Kidnapper doesn’t gain chance to escape utilizing that door & records that to Sameer. Sameer states Kidnapper going to be nabbed definitely & appeals her to follow him without making any noise.

He states she will be safe in complaint she follows him. She appeals just just how can he think that she’s weak & can’t handle the Kidnapper.

Sameer states he didn’t mean that instead just asked her to stay beside him & when he’s here why she need to take (2) (2) risk. She states he wants to become her hero & she’s okay with it.

When Police & Rishab comes inside the room Prithvi escapes from there using the chance. Preeta thinks just just how Kidnapper escaped. Rishab appeals Sherlyn to stay alert. Preeta thinks Rishab is too innocent that he’s asking Sherlyn to stay alert from the Kidnapper when she’s the who kidnapped him for property. She thinks Sherlyn is really dangerous lady, she could not stop her from marrying Rishab.

She realizes that Sherlyn married Rishab for property, that’s why she kidnapped him. After Karan’s wedding she can’t enter luthra house both Sherlyn & Mahira going to destroy the luthra’s although she can’t let that happen. She regulations to tell the truth to Karan.

Prithvi was about to nabbed by Police to escape from them he uses Sristy & holds the knife on her neck. Rishab realizes that the knife Kidnapper holding is Sherlyn’s knife that he saw with her. After pushing Sristy, Prithvi escapes from there.

Police inspector blames luthra’s for distracting them & appeals them to take (2) (2) care of their own own safety & let him accomplish his own own job. Dadi states everything happening because of Preeta & Karan too queries her. Rakhi takes Preeta’s side that increases Dadi’s anger.

Kareena states Rakhi always takes Preeta’s side instead of supporting luthra’s. She states Preeta just wants their own own money nothing else. Rakhi states Preeta is not that kind of lady, she knows her quite well. Rishab comes there & reports about the Kidnapper. Rakhi gets worried.

Rishab states Police following the Kidnapper, they will catch him. Sameer appeals Sristy to stay far from Kareena, he can’t see her getting injury because of Kareena. He appeals her to focus on their own own main plan that is stopping the wedding. She states she will stay far from Kareena because she doesn’t have time for new problems.

Sanjana states Rishab is fine & that’s what matters now. She states she thinks Preeta would have kidnapped him for property.

Rishab states Preeta did nothing like that. Sameer & Sristy goes to locate Karan.

Preeta states she wants to talk with Karan. She takes Mahesh’s name that angers him. He appeals her to stop acting in front of him because he knows her real face. He appeals her to stay in limit, she can’t talk about his own own family (4) (4) in complaint she wants she can talk about him. She states Mahira pushed Mahesh .

Sherlyn & Mahira planning to give him some injection so he can stay in coma for forever. She states Sherlyn kidnapped Rishab for property & appeals why he seems stunned when he already knows that Sherlyn is not a nice person. She states Mahira & Sherlyn going to destroy the luthra’s & appeals him to not marry Mahira. She states she reported him all this truth & appeals him to react.

Karan starts to laughs in her & doesn’t believes her. He states everything completed by her now she’s putting the blame on rest. & everything turns out to be Preeta’s imagination.

She realizes that Karan won’t believe her, Mahira & Sherlyn going to gain successful in their own own plan. She regulations to fail their own own plans.

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