Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 13th August 2024 Written Episode Update: Aman Learns Roshni’s Pregnancy

The Daily episode begins with Roshni worrying. Tabeezi comes to Aman & takes him along. Doctor requests Roshni to lie down & relax. Tabeezi requests Aman to go house, she’s awaiting for record.

Aman states fine, take (2) care. He goes. Watchman stops Shayari & requests her to keep the umbrella outdoor.

Shayari maintains it. She sees Rehan & turns far away. She goes to her desk. Roshni hears the baby’s heartbeat.

She smiles seeing the baby’s sonography. Doctor states its an emotional moment for you, take (2) your time. Aman stops hearing the sound. Roshni imagines Aman could’t be with me to distribute this happiness.

Khanna stops Shayari & states you left the job. Shayari jokes. He states you’d resigned, I’ve the resignation letter. She tears it. She does shayari & sees Rehan.

Khanna states this lady resigned & had come back, I’ll call the security. Rehan states in case we fire her, afterwards we’ve to give her 1 mo salary additional, I don’t need to accomplish this. She states you’ll give me additional salary as of now. Aman comes to the doctor’s cabin.

He sees the baby & states why is my heart beating seeing this baby, when I’ve no relation with him. Roshni sees him. Aman states I m sorry & turns to go. Roshni cries & stops him. He gets stunned seeing her. He holds her.

They smile & gain emotional. Rehan requests the person to begin the restaurant renovation. He gets a call. Shayari comes to his own cabin & imagines as of now Rehan going to fire me from job.

Rehan requests the person to come & collect pics, maybe that going to support in detecting Farhan. Shayari lights the candles. The candle drops. She gets a call. The fire catches up.

Farhan’s pics gain burnt. Shayari’s aunt states Monu has met with an crash. Shayari leaves.

Aman states Tabeezi is a nice star, why did you conceal this great information from me, what did doctor say. Roshni states I didn’t really know just how to tell you regarding the baby.

Aman states there is just 1 baby. Rehan gets angry seeing the fire. Aunt states operation cost is high.

Shayari states I’ll gain additional salary in case I lose the job, else I’ll work (5) & gain normal salary. She imagines I could’t leave this job. She goes back & sees Rehan blowing off the fire. Roshni states we imagined we lost both the babies, however one such baby survived.

He states you must have informed me. She imagines just how shall I say, none could know my pain, I assured Kaala jinn to give my 1st child, in case I break that assure, afterwards….

Shayari states I didn’t accomplish it intentionally. He gets angry. She states sorry & cries. Tabeezi states Roshni didn’t wish to give you a false hope, she wanted to affirm that she’s carrying & afterwards give you the great information.

Roshni states you saved a baby. Tabeezi requests him to count happiness instead sorrow, don’t think you lost a baby, think you still have a baby. Aman states yes, she’s right, we’ll always protect our baby. Roshni nods. He hugs Roshni.

Shayari states my aunt’s son met with an crash, don’t fire me, I’ll accomplish anything you say. Rehan requests going to you accomplish anything.

She states yes. Natasha states so this is your shield, your dagger, once I gain it, I’ll cage you in this glass, you’re much precious. Rehan takes Shayari & states rain water drop shouldn’t fall on my two-wheeler.

Shayari states its not raining. Rehan does the magic. It begins raining.

He requests Shayari to block till rain stops. Shayari stands within the rain. She states I’ll accomplish everything. He sees her & leaves.

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