Kumkum Bhagya 23rd January 2024 Episode Update: Prachi Takes A Stand

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd January 2024 Episode Update: Prachi Takes a Stand on Ranbir;

If he would like to return to jail the Episode begins with Abhi inquiring Ranbir. Ranbir states no. He is hugged by Abhi. When I’d opened the door 15, rhea thanks for rescuing her and says Ranbir and Dad could have found me. Maya informs that she won’t consent to her plan and asks Rhea to proceed.

Rhea asks her pick and to believe then call. She belongs. Ranbir comes residence. Pallavi and beeji and Ranbir hug. Beeji hugs thanks and Abhi. Ranbir says today will state if something occurs to me, what’s going to happen for her. Pallavi pats on him. Ranbir informs he will visit the office.

Pallavi says until the situation ends, you won’t go. She asks him to proceed and to find a clean chit. Ranbir says at least closed when I venture out. He informs that if I do not go then he’ll feel I have completed. Abhi says Ranbir is proper. Beeji asks Pallavi to let him move. Pallavi states he is supported by Beeji. Abhi says Ranbir confront and will go them people will believe him wrong.

In the event that you do not them that you aren’t wrong then who’ll do 17, he says. Ranbir informs that he believed you may think me guilty. Abhi says I inform that you’re a champ and have passed out of your era and asks him to proceed. He is hugged by Ranbir. Pallavi asks him to visit the office. Vikram requests him to take tub. The God is thanked by beeji.

Ranbir belongs to hugs Aryan and his chamber. If anything else occurs to you, Aryan asks. Chief, Dad is said by Ranbir and I will be saved by you. Aryan says you moved to create Prachi covetous how can you get? Ranbir says that I was speaking to Maya and sober. He states if Maya informs I had been with him she will be believed by folks.

He informs he can not tell anybody he was becoming friendly to create Prachi jealous. He informs he feigns kiss. Aryan asks him to go and speak to her. Ranbir states that he’s likely to office. Aryan says Prachi is a girl that is intelligent, she’ll clear her uncertainty. You will never be judged by her.

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