Tujhse Hai Raabta 23rd January 2024 Episode Update: Malhar & Rachit Competes Each Other

Tujhse Hai Raabta 23rd January 2024 Episode Written Update: Malhar And Rachit Competes With Each Other;

The Episode begins requesting Kalyani to provide him an opportunity and says her life will be filled by him with joy. The things throw. In the event that you do not enjoy it, Rachit states I shall bring something to you.

Kalyani chooses on rubs a bar of chocolate on his face. She says you wish to present me. She states exactly what present you may give me,” says you’ve given pain to me. She states at least allow me to love that buddy and asks him to not remind her.

Rachit states I got everybody blood test performed and asks her to not demonstrate smartness, and there is you to conserve Moksh, which is the kid of Sampada and Malhar.

He asks her to take him. Anupriya states you can not pull her and states Kalyani is hushed only. She states do not force a mom to take your own life and asks him to not believe the girl.

Rachit says that I will get her to adore and am prepared to offer my life. Anupriya claims that day won’t ever come. Rachit states that day will come, Kalyani will acknowledge she loves me very much on your existence.

Sampada and malhar come to Madhav and touch his toes. Madhav inquires what’s she doing? Malhar touching your toes and states Sampada is the bahu. He states they have opted to provide a chance. Sarthak claims that this woman has abandoned you and your boy that is 1 day old.

Sampada says I’ve realized my error and I wish to devote my entire life at the service of Moksh and Malhar. Malhar asks her to not provide an excuse. If he’ll accept Sampada because his mommy aao Saheb asks his year old kid Malhar to inquire. Madhav blames Kalyani and Sampada for its phenomena. He is taken by sarthak.

Malhar asks Sampada to pack their luggage as they are currently departing Aurangabad and shifting informs now he obtained transfer letter. Sampada inquires how we could live in a village. Malhar states they’ll manage.

Sampada believes she can not remain in village. He informs her that he asks her to prepare for day and has surprise for Sampada. He believes that this is only the beginning, he’ll make her admit she and Rachit are currently blackmailing Kalyani. Since when planning surprises were started by Malhar for Sampada Kalyani believes.

She sees the decorations as well as the mattress and comes to the workshop. Malhar informs Kalyani he will remain here with Sampada today. Kalyani says employees work here. Malhar informs that now is a way to them and says now is makar Sankranti.

He’s going to place whilst adjusting the nail hammer on his hands. Kalyani places her foot and attempts to prevent him. They fall back on the drapes on them as well as the bed.

Sona Sona…mainu jogi hona plays with…. .They attempt to acquire off the drapes from them…Kalyani and Malhar possess a watch lock….The tune proceeds to play. They attempt to take the curtain off. It is taken by malhar out and asks? He asks you are experiencing issues with my proximity to Sampada, once you have opted to remain with Rachit. He asks as Rachit does not do so for you if she’s jealous.

Rachit inquires who stated and comes. Kalyani informs they don’t want to perform tamasha and says that she will reply. Malhar states as your husband could not do exactly what I used to perform for you, you’re believing that you’re doing wrong. He states let’s compete to understand who’s the husband that is ? Kalyani states no demand. Rachit states done, I concur.

Malhar informs that whoever wins, will find an opportunity to spend on this mattress. He says when I win Sampada and I will begin our life together. Rachit inquires how they are going to compete? Malhar asks Kalyani to inform her husband and says it’s Makar Sankranti.

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