Nimki Vidhayak 23rd January 2024 Episode Update: Nimki Manages Ganga

Nimki Vidhayak 23rd January 2024 Episode today update: Nimki Manages Ganga;

Ganga tells the reporters that the ministers will determine who’ll eventually be a CM. Nimki seems on. The reporters leave thank her. Nimki states some ministers wish to ditch you, that Hanuman would like to be a CM and that he needs my support.

Ganga states but he was fine with his ministry. Nimki says he won’t be supported by me, ” I advised him that you’ll give a house ministry and he would like to be a CM. When he knew about that Ganga inquires Mishra? Mishra says no, I won’t spare him. Nimki says I’ve an idea, provide what Hanuman needs.

Ganga’s will be taken by someone. Let us say I turned into a CM. Mishra says what? Nimki says let us say that I’m getting so that I shall select Mishra as a CM in the premise that Ganga would not want, Mishra, will take my name stating that I deserve it longer.

Manner Ganga won’t place her name she will be chosen by somebody Hanuman will not have an issue. You are able to select Amresh as a CM but he will state that Ganga will nominate her and deserves it more.

Ganga states let us do it. Nimki says amazing I shall speak to Amresh. Ganga says I do not trust Amresh, why not we pick Nimki for a CM, she’ll nominate me. Nimki says ? Ganga says, we nominate me and could trust you, you understand your responsibilities, you’ll thank me. Nimki states but can I really do it? Ganga says in you picking me so that he will not have difficulty, you are liked by Hanuman. Nimki says I will do anything.

Next Scene,
Mai gets prepared in her room. Dadi states you aren’t youthful and comes there. Dadi tells Mai Minto and your Babbu are identical and sits, I do not enjoy him unhappy, you and I won’t fight, I want Babbu to become joyful, Nimki will treat Babbu. Mai says she murdered my Babbu. You go out of here. Dadi leaves from that point.

Nimki states and speaks locate somebody which you could count on, that individual can be used by you for a scapegoat, Ganga will not concur locate somebody that Ganga will not say if you choose your title.

Hanuman says you’re correct. Nimki says locate somebody so Ganga will not say no, that everybody enjoys. Amresh asks if they could take her title? What is said by nimki? Hanuman says you are liked by everybody, he offers a strategy to her. Can I become a CM nimki smirks and says? Hanuman says you are going to be a CM that is fantastic.

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