Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 6th April 2024 Episode: Love Or War

Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 6th April 2024 Episode Written Update: Love Or ‘Tug – Of – War’.

Family and Poonam leave the court area. Nickie runs to hug Rohit. Bani informs Nickie to proceed and pulls them. She informs Rohit to look after his girlfriend and not take care of them.

Ana was mad as she sat against the girls. She says that she never wanted this to take place. A criticism was seen by her in the eyes of Bani. They had tears in their eyes. Notably, she hadn’t been blamed by Poonam.

She seemed so excruciating, and her silence struck her hard. Ana, she, is the main reason for their divorce.

Avi consoles Ana stating that union is the connection between an individual and two individuals can never be blamed for a relation, sufferer of the affair is sometimes not the victim of the union. The crack was there gave Ana a way within their own lives. Ana Requires Avi.

Ana comes back to locate Rohit sitting alone. sitting on his lap, she comes to maintain his hands and hugs him.

It was a day. Rohit attempts to dial up a number. Ana includes java. Rohit states Poonam and Bani do not take his calls. Rohit asks if they’re active for 2 days, although ana says that they may be active. Ana asks to dial. It had been the number of Nickie, she takes the telephone and crying and had been upset. Nickie is excitedly asked by rohit.

Ana brings butter poultry she attempted the following day. He bites her finger. He receives a call from Poonam. Rohit says he did it 2 days before. He asks her to talk to speak to him. Poonam informs him to have patience.

Ananya was speaking to women on a phone because they were ditched by her in their match day. They tease she locates cards, and is getting fun. Rohit comes there, stunned that Bani is getting married in 2 weeks’ time.

Ananya states this is fine. Rohit was shocked, as she is a kid. Ananya hugs Rohit, also states she fulfilled with Bani; Bani is mature.

Rohit comes to his residence. He discovers everything coated and packaged up, and asks the slave. Rohit the household has gone to reside in farm home is told by him. Poonam’s number is dialed by Rohit.

They left without telling him, he inquires. He informs Poonam and was upset. Poonam asserts he is busy with work. Rohit was not in a mood. He finds was left behind, and wanders around the space. He comes for his daughter’s room, then his bedroom.


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