Karle Tu Bhi Mohabbat 6th April 2024 Episode: Karan & Tripura Strike A Deal

Karle Tu Bhi Mohabbat 6th April 2024 Episode Written Update: Karan & Tripura Make A Deal.

The episode begins with Sherry requesting her to return to India and calling Tripura. Tripura asks if there’s anything associated with Mr. Khanna. Sherry says you did not ask about him and you’re inquiring about him.

Her bags are packed by tripura and can be set to visit India. She states Radhika and Trisha are involved in our own lives.

Fb begins, She conveys it and looks at the ring. She receives phone from Karan who asks her to meet with him. She says okay, coffee store that is juhu. He says okay. Trisha informs some guys came to seal the home and calls him.

Karan proceeds from there and asks her to be using Radhika. The guys seal the home and inform that the brother of Prabuddha will find this home. Prabuddha’s brother Aney is asked by radhika did he do so? He informs this is his home following Prabuddha states you and expired have up Karan Khanna.

Karan inquires Aney he got the home and comes there. Aney says her union wasn’t legalized by Radhika. Karan tells he is using Radhika and his residence will be got by her. Tripura waits for Karan and also comes to the coffee store. Karan is called by her. Her property is looked at by radhika.

Trisha and karan take her from there. Tripura messages that she’s going back. Karan comes to her home and informs he is currently waiting to speak with her. She inquires about Radhika and Trisha and sits at his vehicle. Karan says they’re ok and asks what exactly are you currently doing? He states I’m sorry I couldn’t come.

Tripura informs that she knows that he got an opportunity to spend some time together with Radhika and Trisha. She inquires you believe you are loved by me. He states you’re terrified of rejection and before it begin, you also wish to finish everything.

She says would like to leave and she do not wish to hear any story. Karan asks her to acknowledge it. She says if I do it’s my problem, allow me to manage it. She asks him to find her coffee.

He gets down to find coffee and he discovers a note if he returns. She writes that she needs time. fb ends. She believes she’s coming to India, after 3 months and now does not understand where Karan and Mr. Khanna’s terms stands.

She reaches India. Sherry asks court to be reached by her. Tripura comes there. Sherry says she’s getting married. Why she’s quitting tripura asks. Sherry says I’m in love. Tripura asks ? Then she sees Karan coming holding has stunned and garland.

She turns to Sherry and inquires if Mr. Khanna. Sherry says yes says that he moved to the airport behind one, however, the sim card had been altered by you. Tripura is shocked.

Her teases. Karan comes there and tells Sherry that the ring is being brought by Vishal. He says hello and sees Tripura. Tripura states Sherry is my sister. When sherry suggested I could not refuse, he states. She chooses him to side-by-side him. Vishal comes there and tells he and Sherry are marrying.

Sherry asks her when she’s happy? She says I enjoy Mr. Khanna, but not covetous. Vishal and sherry have married. This when you had been in Europe all occurred is said by karan. Tripura states Sherry’s mom isn’t known by that you. You aren’t speaking about your own mother, karan says.

He signals as seen. He states I was employed by you. She’s going to consume something. He states you’re affected. His voiceover informs he dropped her home and they’d speak.

He believed exactly what I’ll do if she returns and states I searched her madly. When she returned what I can perform, he says. He’s home and collides.

Radhika says the couch and table have shifted and a half a year ago, but you collide it. She inquires did you have meals? He says. She asks what happened?

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