Kapu community in disarray after Pawan Kalyan fails to give them leadership

Amaravati: Reel personal life & real personal life are seldom in sync with every different. Specially, the arena of politics is altogether a various ball game. Power star Pawan Kalyan seems failing to gain wind of these cheats of the trade. The star’s latest hiccup in honeymooning with the BJP in AP is a grim pointer to his own flop shows in politics.

Pawan, after his own Jana Sena Party’s electoral fiasco within the elections in 2019, taken a U-turn from that left to the right by forging an alliance with the Bharatiya Janata Party. The fight for retaining the capital in Amaravati remained a guiding principle of the alliance. Within the meanwhile, the star accordingly got (1) out of his own Che Guevara costumes to embrace the icons of saffron politics.

However the missile from Gabbar Singh’s artillery misfired when his own ally backed out on the query of the capital in Amaravati.

The newly appointed president of the state BJP Somu Veerraju stated that the spot of the capital is the business of the state govt & that his own party has no character whatsoever within the issue.

Shortly, had come the invoices relating to shifting of executive capital to Visakhapatnam from Amaravati with the Governor’s assent. Veerraju has been one such signatories of the common min. program devised between the BJP & the JSP at the moment of alliance.

With the strength of this common understanding, Pawan kept reassuring the striking farmers in Amaravati, informing he’d lobby with the BJP-led NDA govt in the Center over shifting of capital by this Jaganmohan Reddy govt.

A misguided soul

The 52-year old Pawan Kalyan looks nonplussed in spotting trusted friends to jell with & lacks consistency to take (2) his own alliances to their own logical end. After the experiment of his own brother & megastar Chiranjeevi’s Praja Rajyam Party failed within the 2009 elections, Kalyan turnd Agnatavasi, spending hibernated political personal life as many as the elections in 2014.

With his own fledgling Jana Sena Party Pawan Kalyan resurfaced in politics campaigning for the victory of BJP’s Narendra Modi in that election on the dedication given by this latter on special category status for the bifurcated AP. His own alliance with the BJP broke up after the NDA govt refused the special status, enforcing the star to stitch up an alliance with the left parties within the gen.

elections in 2019. However the alliance failed to safeguard him from an ignominious defeat.   Pawan Kalyan failed to win any of the 2 Assembly constituencies that he contested in West Godavari & Visakhapatnam dists. With this, the post for the actor-turned leader is return to the square 1. Pawan Kalyan is return to the BJP fold on a various plank i.e. the capital in Amaravati only.

Veerraju, after his own elevation as the AP’s BJP chief, stated the query on who’ll be the Chief Ministerial candidate of the BJP-JSP combine going to be answered after the outcome of the 2024 elections.

Eying Kapus

That the BJP is eying Kapus, a dominant electoral section next to BCs & SCs within the coastal area is obvious with its alliance with the JSP headed by Pawan Kalyan & its selection of chiefs to head its state unit for 2 successive terms from 2014. JSP’s Pawan Kalyan, Kanna Lakshminarayana, the outgoing president of the state BJP & his own successor Veerraju, pertain to the Kapu society.

After the experiment of Chiru as megastar is named by movie buffs, it’s a million-dollar query on the success of the latest Kapu experiment within the banner of the BJP-JSP. The failure of Chiranjeevi & the other Kapu icon Mudragada Padmanabham in politics is attributed to the inability of the society to sail with the predominant BCs in their own house turfs.