Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 28th January 2024 Episode Update: Nishi Presents Sonakshi Badly

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 28th January 2024 Episode Written Update: Nishi Presents Sonakshi Badly.

With Inspector stating we guess it to be a murder attempt Naren the Episode begins. Sonakshi gets stunned. A while back, Veena inquires prior to registering for the prenup, why did not you inform Rohit.

Rohit asks do you understand about it. Sonakshi says I will clarify, I do not want anything. He states that you need cash and reads, it’s composed that if real estate is given by daddy to Pooja and Mumma you won’t get anything, I was wed by you. She says its crap. He states its composed, in the event of a divorce 80 percent will be given a share of his house by Naren. She recalls her voice.

Everybody is shocked. Nishi smiles. Rohit states Naren will cover 1 crore for you each month. Sonakshi is shocked. Veena claims no, it wasn’t like this. Sonakshi says those papers weren’t signed by me, it was written I do not want anything, Naren obtained the newspapers home, it was signed by me before Veena and Sukhmani.

Nishi inquires did the newspapers become shifted. Sonakshi states. Nishi inquires Sukhmani did not check the newspapers. Veena states the newspapers were given by Naren. Nishi states it means that she signed in front of you and made newspapers.

Sonakshi says no newspapers were changed by me, I got exactly the newspapers here. Rohit inquires did Naren wish to donate you his house, if the newspapers are identical personally, we understand money is loved by your mother, possibly the newspapers were shifted by her.

Sonakshi states no, I will make for myself. Rohit states you mean somebody changed forged and the newspapers its a plan, your signs. Why would anybody do this she asks. He states its not your television show, its loved ones, nice, you did not inform me you made me feel guilty when I’ve concealed about Pooja’s matter. She says I do not understand, I was insisted by Naren I did not wish to hurt you.

Veena inquires did newspapers alter. She says I do not understand, trust me. Rohit says you aren’t trusted by me, you’re not my Sonakshi, you thought to enjoy can’t be compensated by money, love is love, what’s currently happening. Sonakshi cries. Nishi says job that is excellent, today I must find. Nishi says I told you an actress can be useful, but her morals are always a question mark, I’m embarrassed by Sonakshi, she moved to speak to Naren to receive her share, possibly she proposed divorce together with Rohit, allow the authorities handle this.

Tanya and Akash say yes, phone law enforcement. Sonakshi says, call the police, I wish to understand who’s shifted those papers, I need the facts to come out in front of you, ” I did not do anything, call the police can aid me.

Nishi says okay. Rohit says authorities will not come, enough Sona I loved a great deal to you, of play, it fell short, I gave an opportunity that is second it’s sufficient. Everyone goes. She yells. Vimmi asks her to trust Mata rani, she will not do anything wrong. She belongs. Sonakshi fixes her tears. She receives phone and asks what.

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