Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th January 2024 Episode Update: Saransh Seeks Rudraksh’s Help

Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th January 2024 Episode Written Update: Saransh Asks Rudraksh’s Help.

The YHC daily episode begins with Vasu and Gopal getting gloomy seeing the innocence of Saransh. Yuvraj sings Pyaar Tujhe…. and laughs. He states Prisha took the blame on her mind, so much blind hope, she did not ask if I love her, Lord is with me, therefore he’s sent Prisha within my entire life, she’s no of me use personally, therefore our union plan cancelled, remain to your bad destiny, very goodbye.

Saransh says that I will do all of my work mumma stated we need to win, should I do so, we’ll lose. Vasu says that I will force you to sleep. Saransh states no, I’ll sleep. He states I’m courageous, we must acquire mumma back. He sleeps on the floor. Vasu and Gopal shout. Vasu states Prisha told me she did this crash.

Gopal says she’s lying, she had been massaging against her nose once I asked her the fact she whined. When she’s lies vasu says I recall, she scrapes her nose. He states she lay.

She asks why did not you ask her. He says she’d haven’t told uswe do not understand something. Rudraksh yells for Rajeev. Balraj cries. Rudraksh recalls the youth moment. He states why, if he is not feeling hurt I’m feeling hurt. Hugs him consoles. Is Saransh performing 7, vasu inquires. They are heard by saransh.

Gopal says if he desires Rudraksh will help us Prisha will return home. Vasu says we won’t be helped by him following the accident that is significant. Gopal says , its hard, if he assists Prisha may come. Saransh believes Rudraksh is this game’s referee. Vasu and gopal go. Saransh states in obtaining mumma back Rudraksh can help me again. He gets up and leaves.

Rudraksh asks the reporter to not delete the pic as it is going to remind him of 2 deaths, among Rajeev along with other of them and disperse it in each paper. He believes I have 1 goal Prisha, in life, by exposing her entire life I’ll live to take revenge. Pandit asks them to shoot Rajeev for closing rites. Rudraksh prevents from touching Rajeev Balraj. He says he has been murdered by you you lied to me.

Balraj says I must do his rites. Rudraksh says you did not allow me to move to Rajeev, do not have any right to visit him, Maa provides a shoulder. Rudraksh maa and many others take the funeral. They depart.

Saransh asks for Rudraksh and comes there. The watchman says that they moved to get imp work into the ghat. Saransh asks the automobile driver to take him into the ghat Rudraksh isn’t there. Rudraksh will not and cries the rites rituals.

He sits light the matchstick. Saransh comes lights the rod and there. He is seen by rudraksh. Saransh smiles. Rudraksh says. Saransh says I’m helping you, do not say thanks, cease this match, I do not need to playwith. Rudraksh asks what sport, Prisha… Saransh says she’s in jail, bring out her, cease this match.

He is scolded by Rudraksh. He states my brother was murdered by Prisha. whom did you ever come Saransh is taken by bunty and inquires. Saransh says me dropped, Gopal knows him. Bunty inquires do they understand you’re here, simply go home.

Saransh asks who’ll stop this match, Mumma… He believes Mumma asked me to not tell anybody. He goes and says nothing. Bunty says what sport was he. The pyre lighting and yells. Rajeev is recalled by him.

Kaun apna….plays… Rudraksh says I’m hurt, I guarantee I’ll take your revenge, the only goal of my life is not to allow Prisha live. Prisha yells and recalls Saransh. The prison inmates laugh Prisha.

Constable says we’ve got to earn your record. The pic of prisha is clicked using the plank of crime and her particulars. Constable asks clothing to change, didn’t conceal anything in clothing. Prisha states no. Constable asks her to come out and to change clothing.


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