Israeli warplanes strike Hamas targets in Gaza

Gaza: Israeli warplanes on Fri. struck military facilities of the Islamic Hamas movement in Gaza in reaction to the firing of 6 projectiles into southern Israel.

Hamas security sources informed Xinhua press agency that the Israeli warplanes targetted a training ability that belonged to al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, south of Gaza city, with no wound (or) damage recorded.

Meantime, an Israeli troops spokesperson also affirmed the strikes on the ability & conducted Hamas movement, that regulations the Gaza Strip, fully accountable for the projectiles’ attack.

Israeli Radio recorded that the projectiles landed on unpopulated regions in southern Israel, causing no wound (or) damage.

No 1 said responsibility for firing the projectiles from Gaza into southern Israel.

A tit-for-tat escalation of tension was going on within the Gaza Strip between Israel & Gaza militants from Aug 6.

The tension has been initiated when unfamiliar masked young people initiated hundreds of incendiary balloons into Israel.

In reaction, Israeli troops warplanes & artillery were attacking posts, websites, & military infra-structure of Hamas.

Egyptian & Qatari mediation had till now failed to defuse the growing tension, where Hamas chiefs demand that their own condition to restore calm in Gaza is to lift an Israeli blockade that were enforced on the Gaza Strip for 13 yrs..

Fawzi Barhoum, the Hamas spokesperson in Gaza, stated in a press announcement that starting projectiles & arson balloons “is a direct reaction to the Israeli occupation’s escalation over the Palestinians”.

“The Israeli occupation is fully accountable for the implications of its escalation on the Gaza Strip, mostly maintaining the siege enforced & attacking military posts & facilities amidst the spread of COVID-19 in Gaza,” he stated.