Turkey is greater threat than Iran for Israel, says Mossad

The head of Israel’s intelligence agency, Mossad has alerted the nation that Turkey is a much bigger danger to the nation than Iran. It stated Iranian power is fragile awhile the real danger is from Turkey.

According to The Times, Roger Boyes, Yossi Cohen of Mossad made these comments awhile speaking with his own Egyptian, Emirati & Saudi Arabia counterparts.

Elaborating Cohen’s point Boyes stated although Iran doesn’t cease to be an existential menace however it can be contained, using sanctions, embargoes, intelligence spreading & clandestine raids. Turkey’s coercive diplomacy, although, poses a various kinda challenge to strategic stability within the eastern Mediterranean, he stated.

Informing that NATO “has lost its healing magic” the article observed that it no longer remained a enforce that can keep Greek & Turkish relations stable.

Boyes said that Turkey under Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan “flirts with war” & that “the constant search for enemies & scapegoats exhausts even his own supporters, & has left him almost friendless within the area.”

He added further that in his own mad drive to curb the East Mediterranean & Middle East, Erdogan has picked up enemies in each corner. He enjoys help only from Qatar, Azerbaijan & the expired Govt of Domestic Accords based within the Libyan capital of Tripoli & whose mandate to rule from that U.N expired in Dec 2017. Greek City Times recorded.