Ishq Subhan Allah 23rd January 2024 Update: Shahbaz Confesses His Crimes

Ishq Subhan Allah 23rd January 2024 Episode Update: Shahbaz Goes to Zara’s Grave and admits His Crimes;

Shahbaz wakes up to find himself caged at a web over the flame, he cries for assistance. He hears Zara’s voice which you can not outrun your sins, Shahbaz says take everything but please leave me alone.

In the event that you would like to get saved take your sins Zara states. Shahbaz believes it is Zara and sees a shape. He faints. Imran and Kabir arrive there and then bring him down.

The morning after, Imran and Kabir offer prayers. Zara comes there and begins praying them behind. She prays follows them. Kabir prays and says my dad is not damaging, I need him to take his own offenses, give me the power to find justice.

Ruksaar arrives at the space of Shahbaz and tries to wake him up but he does not move. Ruksaar cries and runs to Zeenat. She states Shahbaz was murdered by Zara. We will be killed by her.

They hear Shahbaz running from his room. He states the flame was seen by me, I will not be spared by her, she’ll kill us all.

The CCTV footage is checked by the guard. He says Shahbaz didn’t go out. Shahbaz states I am confident I was caged. The guard says you’re going mad. He is beaten by Shahbaz. Kabir says he’s fine, the protector leaves.

Ruksaar informs Shahbaz he may have dreamt it. Shahbaz tells the priest I hung trust me. The priest says that you’re produced from the fire, we must treat you. Shahbaz says I’m fine. The priest says that we might need to deal with you.

Ruksar must conquer him. Himself runs and locks in space although a slipper in him yells. Zara and Kabir appear on. For someone is called by Kabir.

Next Scene,
Shahbaz is at a vehicle. Zara and Kabir are currently after him. Kabir says his offenses will be accepted by him.
Shahbaz comes out of the graveyard of Zara. He asks if he’s reserved his tickets and calls his supervisor? He says. Shahbaz says I’m coming into the airport, I’m sending my place to you. He sees his car and finishes the call. He hears the words of Zara which you can not run away from me.

Shahbaz states no, I’m coming to a graveyard. Shahbaz comes from his vehicle and runs on the tomb of Zara. He states I’m sorry, I murdered you but I’m sorry, I never liked you since I wished to restrain Kabir, you showed him how so that I had to take, I did a mistake, so I can not bring you back but please leave me alone.

He turns to find all household members Imran documenting the confession and standing there. Of this is said by Shahbaz? Kabir cries. Shahbaz states you did this to find this confession? Zara says.

Kabir says you’re my dad although I needed to take action but take a look at everything you’ve done, I’d have murdered you but you left me to follow God’s path, therefore I must spare your life.

Shahbaz says I might have died in that fire. Imran says so you would not have burnt, we’d sprayed it. Kabir says that I wish as Zara will be using me, you’re fearful of God. You can not get out of this he states you will be punished by that the law today and shows him that the recording, it’ll be a death penalty. Shahbaz appears on

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